Mets simulate World Series Game 7 celebration, so that probably won't happen now

Cassandra Negley
·3-min read

The New York Mets just cannot give themselves a break. Like, ever.

We're still weeks away from MLB's opening day and the Mets are already "practicing" a World Series celebration. When they say championships are won in the preseason, this isn't quite what they were talking about.

The squad was caught celebrating the final out of Game 7 of a World Series on Wednesday in a video by Deesha Thosar of the New York Daily News that quickly circulated around social media.

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A coach opens the video by yelling "everybody celebrate" and "don't be nervous." When an outfielder appears to catch a pop up, players converge in the infield screaming, yelling and throwing their hats. We'll use "appears" because there's no sign there's actually a ball in play and you can catch "no ball" at the beginning. Most telling is no crack of the bat.

There's actually a perfectly reasonable explanation for the situation that manager Luis Rojas told reporters afterward. The Mets were running a "27 Outs" team drill and decided to up the ante. To complete the drill the team is has to get all 27 outs in a row without an error.

"It got really intense and the guys were celebrating that last out because I think Tony Tarasco threw in a situation of a World Series Game 7 and all that and robbing a home run and Michael Conforto [catching it]," Rojas said, via SNY. "So they simulated that very well. I thought Michael did a good job going back there and simulating the catch and running back in and everybody just met and was celebrating. Fun times and it was an exciting camp day. Probably the best I’ve seen that drill done in my young coaching career.”

First baseman Dominic Smith was also all about it since it put "great things and positive things in the universe."

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That's all well and good. But this is the Mets we're talking about. It's almost less likely to happen now that the players celebrated it in spring training. There's visual manifestation. And then there's the crushing sadness enveloping Mets fans like Wanda Maximoff's hex.

OK, maybe that's too far. Time will only tell if practicing a World Series victory in March will help an actual one in October. When the Mets win it all in 2021 we'll all ask. For now, we can only hope Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling break it down on Friday's SNY broadcast. Better yet, here's to Keith talking to his cat, Hadji, about it on air late in an out-of-hand game.

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