MLB players reportedly agree to deal to keep service time


MLB players are reportedly set to agree on a deal with teams that would allow them to keep their service time if the 2020 season is called off because of the coronavirus pandemic.

This would mean players set to be free agents after the 2020 season would still be able to test the free-agent market even if there is no season.

Mookie Betts, Trevor Bauer, Marcus Stroman, George Springer and JT Realmuto are some of the biggest names eligible to be free agents.

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Also as part of this agreement, management has the right to cut the 2020 amateur draft from 40 rounds to five and the 2021 draft to 20.

Players have agreed to this 17-page deal, and teams are set to approve it on Friday, according to ESPN.

Players and teams are open to an increase in doubleheaders and playing games without fans in the early portion of the season in an effort to squeeze in as many games as possible. Both sides also agreed to possibly playing postseason games into November in potential neutral sites.

Opening day was scheduled to be Thursday but will not start until mid-May at the earliest as a result of the spread of COVID-19.

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