Curvy model who's had a 'roller coaster relationship' with her belly rolls now embraces them in the punniest way

(Photo: Saigon Duo)
(Photo: Saigon Duo)

For anyone who’s ever struggled to stay positive, there’s now a catchy song to remind you how to self-love.

Khrystyana, a self-described body-positive activist and model, posed for a photo shoot to show off her rolls painted with the saying, “They see me rollin’ they lovin,'” adding her own positive twist to the Chamillionaire song everyone knows and loves from 2005.

RIDIN PURDY …. :))) Sing along: “They see me rollin They LOVIN’ Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin' PURDY Tryin to catch me ridin' Purdy Tryin to catch me ridin' Purdy Tryin to catch me ridin' Purdy Tryin to catch me ridin' Purdy” —� say ‘YES’ to my remake of the famous classic “ ridin dirty” song by chamillionaire —� —� Khrystyana photo by @duyschmoo makeup @kelliemakeup #allBodiesAreGoodBodies #bodypositive#effyourbeautystandards#iamsizesexy#teamcurvy#embraceyourcurves#beautybeyondsize#noshame#bodypositivity#honormycurves#curvymodels#ilovemybody#bodylove#bodyacceptance#selfconfidence#bodyimage#curvymodel#bopo#thisbody#bopowarrior #boldncurvy#celebratemysize#goldenconfidence#AlternativeCurves#belly

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She even wrote a whole new verse, turning a song about police brutality into one about self-image. Chamillionaire is probably cringing somewhere, but her lyrics are pretty catchy: “Tryin to catch me ridin’ Purdy.”

“Rolls are so high Fashion! you know it,” she captioned another photo from the shoot.

“I’ve had a roller coaster relationship with my rolls,” Khrystyana tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “My belly was the very last part of my body that I had to learn to love again. Because even in the plus-size fashion industry, a perfectly curvy hourglass-shaped model with a leaner stomach is usually preferred. It took me a while to start liking my rolls because the industry opinion shaped my own negative opinion of myself until the day I️ said, ‘Screw it! Dear Tummy, you are here whether people like you or not! We’re in this together and we’re gonna make it work! Who said a belly isn’t cool and sexy? Nope, not us, not any more!!!'”

Rolls are so high Fashion! you know it. Pic by @duyschmoo mua @kelliemakeup #allBodiesAreGoodBodies #bodypositive#effyourbeautystandards#iamsizesexy#teamcurvy#embraceyourcurves#beautybeyondsize#noshame#bodypositivity#honormycurves#curvymodels#ilovemybody#bodylove#bodyacceptance#selfconfidence#bodyimage#curvymodel#bopo#thisbody#bopowarrior #boldncurvy#celebratemysize#goldenconfidence#AlternativeCurves#belly

A post shared by BodyPositive Activist | Model (@khrystyana) on Nov 14, 2017 at 7:29am PST

“When I shoot with a photographer I always make sure to ask them, ‘Don’t Photoshop my ‘pride and joy,’ please,'” she says. Combined, her roll-loving photo shoot has over 4,000 likes and plenty of encouraging comments on Instagram.

Khrystyana is known for her body-positive photo shoots and words of encouragement. Earlier this year, she stripped down for a catwalk in Times Square, to affirm that “everything is OKAY within this body that carries cellulite, rolls, stretch marks, lines.”

Today I faced One of the most terrifying challenges in my history of modeling – to CatWalk Times Square wearing just this. My heart is still racing. To think I let so many strangers see my body, my, what some call "flaws" … it was not easy… yet there is a sense of relief, that everything is OKAY within this body that carries cellulite, rolls, stretch marks, lines. This body CAN wear them with loving confidence! I thank you all for your warm support that you sent me during my Insta Stories updates some minutes ago . You helped me stay positive! I hope I can repay you with such positivity back! Have a blessed rest of the day. You are SEXY, you are BEAUTIFUL in ALL OF YOU right this very second! Mwah!!!!! – KhrystyAna #catwalk#BEAUTYREVISED #effyourbeautystandards thank you @olivia_hamilton for FILMING. Please follow this wonderful girl!!!!

A post shared by BodyPositive Activist | Model (@khrystyana) on Apr 5, 2017 at 2:50pm PDT

As one commenter wrote to Khrystyana, “Your posts are forever empowering I can assure you that your ongoing encouragement to embrace who and what and how we are does an absolute world of good for myself and so so many others.” So keep on rollin’.

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