The modern design of Donner’s Artistry series woodgrain digital pianos blends art, life, and music

 Donner DDP-200.
Donner DDP-200.


Many of today’s digital pianos can deliver a remarkable acoustic piano sound and many can boast of a feel that’s close to a true piano hammer action, but until now you wouldn’t want to put any of them on display in your home. That’s where Donner’s Artistry series of woodgrain digital pianos stands out. The series offers five pianos that not only sound great, but deliver elegant and artistic designs that make them a beautiful addition to any room.

With their unique designs, these digital pianos can complement a wide variety of home decors, but that’s not all that they offer.  The Artistry series delivers an impressive set of features like 128-note polyphony, USB-MIDI and Bluetooth connectivity that will help beginners to learn, teachers to teach, and more proficient players to enjoy a truly satisfying playing experience.  One of the most unique features shared by all five–and often lacking in other digital pianos– is a triple-function metal foot pedal unit that provides all the expressive control you expect to find on a concert grand piano.

Let’s look at what makes each model unique.


Donner Artistry Series DDP-80 Digital Piano
Donner Artistry Series DDP-80 Digital Piano


With both the portability of a digital piano and the beautiful wood finish of a fine instrument, Donner’s DDP-80 offers the best of worlds for anyone who is looking for a true acoustic piano sound and feel in an attractive digital piano package. The DDP-80 is an 88-key, full-weighted digital piano powered by sound samples of a French grand piano from DREAM, a company that is recognized for making outstanding digital samples. Two concealed stereo surround speakers and 40 watts (2 x 20W) of power provides plenty of great piano sound for any room.

The back panel provides MIDI in and out to connect with other instruments or computers, as well as headphone and AUX out jacks.

Students and professionals alike will of course appreciate the weighted hammer action of the DDP-80 because it faithfully represents the feel of a real acoustic piano. The triple foot pedal unit allows you to play with all the expressive control of a grand piano.

An attachable music stand and a headphone mode that allows players to practice in silence makes this an ideal choice for students and apartment dwellers.


Donner Artistry Series DDP-80 Plus Digital Piano
Donner Artistry Series DDP-80 Plus Digital Piano


Like the DDP-80, the DDP-80 PLUS delivers great piano sound with French DREAM sound source, 20W stereo sound system, and weighted hammer action, but what stands out about this model is its modern appearance.

The DDP-80 PLUS has a modern aesthetic minimalist design with a wood finish and metal trim lines. Its clean lines and sleek appearance will likely impress guests to your home, and materials to build this instrument are sourced from environmentally friendly materials.

As with the DDP-80, the back panel provides MIDI in and out to connect with other instruments or computers, as well as headphone and AUX out jacks.

This model additionally adds a feature not common on digital pianos in this price range, but one that is important to many professional players–a pedal unit baffle. Along with its sturdy metal lets, this pedal design prevents any slippage of the pedal unit during practice or performance, giving the instrument an ultra-solid feel.

The DDP-80 PLUS showcases Donner’s metal radium carving process and champagne gold trim design. Along with the elegant wood texture of the case and a semi-open style keyboard cover, this piano’s pleasantly understated minimalist design will look great in a living area or studio space.


Donner Artistry Series DDP-80 Pro Digital Piano
Donner Artistry Series DDP-80 Pro Digital Piano


The DDP-80 PRO, as the name implies, is built around all the outstanding sound and connectivity features, but brings exciting physical attributes to the design: a space-saving push-pull drawer to hide the keyboard and two additional finishes!

The innovative drawer design makes this digital piano a perfect addition to any room–even a room where you might not expect to find a piano. A simple push on the keybed when you are done playing allows the keyboard to recede into the case, leaving the keyboard protected from dust and the case transformed into a useful piece of furniture.

The option for color is an interior decorator’s dream. Along with the versatile Walnut finish, the DDP-80 PRO case is available in two new colors: White Oak, to accentuate and brighten spaces, and Black Walnut to match up with more serious interior spaces–ideal for entertaining or performance.


Donner Artistry Series DDP-60 Digital Piano
Donner Artistry Series DDP-60 Digital Piano


For those who might be looking for more than just a great piano sound found in the other Artistry Series instruments, the DDP-60 has the answer.

Along with an 88-key semi-weighted and velocity-sensitive keys that are standard size, DDP-60 players can enjoy 128-note voice polyphony with 128 voices , 83 rhythms, 47 demo songs, and eight reverb effects delivered through two built in 15W speakers.

Two ¼” stereo headphone outputs at the bottom of the piano cabinet are not only good for private practice, but can help teachers when there is activity around the room or other students. There is even a dual mode that allows players to play in the same range. Connections at the back allow for MIDI in/out and stereo outputs to speakers or an amplifier.

In addition to dual-timbre, keyboard split, and rhythm performance features, the DDP-60 has metronome and transpose functions along with the ability to save programs. You can even record and playback your performances.


Donner Artistry Series DDP-200 Digital Piano
Donner Artistry Series DDP-200 Digital Piano


Donner’s DDP-200 offers acoustics and aesthetics all in one elegant package. This digital piano offers the classic styling of a more traditional studio-size acoustic piano, but with even more attention to sonic detail and playability.

This model boasts an upgraded 88-key Donner’s Graded Hammer Action that uses a dual sensor action key design for an authentic touch experience. To further enhance the playing experience, the DDP-200 has an upgraded speaker system painstakingly designed to produce immersive 3D sound to recreate the true sound of an acoustic grand piano.

However, unlike a traditional acoustic piano, players can choose from five reverb types, create keyboard splits, use the built-in metronome, and even connect via Bluetooth.

Donner’s Artistry series of woodgrain digital pianos stands out from other digital pianos as the one you’ll want in your home. With five unique models, you're sure to find a digital piano that fits your home decor and playing style.  You can learn more about these keyboards and accessories like piano benches to match your keyboard’s finish at Donner’s keyboard website [].