Mojo Moves: The TikTok series that evaluates the priciest trendy gym classes based on value and inclusivity

Morgan Jones (@whatmojoloves) is a Los Angeles-based fitness influencer and reformer pilates instructor who provides her followers and other TikTokers with honest reviews of workout classes around the country.

Jones’s series, which evaluates the value and inclusivity of fitness experiences, came at a moment when exclusive, capped-membership gyms are on the rise, and classes with a $75 fee are so trendy that even people who are welling to shell out the cash can’t get in

“When I became a fitness instructor, I realized that there were small little things that happen in a group fitness class that are maybe making it less inclusive or making it less safe,” she told In The Know by Yahoo in an interview. “I’m big on making fitness more accessible and more inclusive, so I figured I could use my platform and my money to help people have some preparation before they go into these classes, so they know what they’re getting into.”

Jones has a 48-video playlist on her TikTok page documenting all the classes she’s reviewed, which ranges from LEKFIT to Tracy Anderson classes.

“I ended up paying $65 for that class,” she says in a post. “I understand there’s a target demographic where $65 dollars per class is not a big deal at all, but I’m a firm believer you should still be getting a luxury or elevated fitness experience … but I just felt that there were no amenities that made that class worth that much money.

In each of her reviews, Jones uses a rubric to stay consistent and make sure she’s keeping them tailored to the average person.

In her rubric, Jones grades the classes based on the attention given by the instructor, how challenging the class is, how easy it is for a new student, how unique the workout is and then how willing Jones would be to add the class to her workout regimen.

According to one of her posts, in order for a class to be eligible for one of her reviews, it either needs to be available in multiple locations or have a brick-and-mortar and an online studio. Furthermore, it must be requested by her viewers.

“I don’t pick any of these on my own. I don’t take requests from the studio. I don’t take any money from the studio,” she says in a video. “I pay for all these classes on my own.”

Jones claims that most of the classes she reviews are between $30 and $40, so for her, the true value comes in the workout routine rather than the price.

“I consider bang for my buck something that I can’t get in the gym,” Jones said in an interview. “‘Am I getting access to equipment that I would not be able to do without this class?’ So for example, for Rise Nation, I’m not gonna buy that machine and put it in my house, so I feel like I’m getting a lot of value out of a really energizing instructor, some unique equipment and a class that’s effective for a workout.”

One of Jones’s most recent reviews was AIR Aerial Fitness, giving the air-based class a high grade and citing the uniqueness and ease in which newcomers can join in as two pros of the class.

“Overall, I would give this an eight out of 10,” she says in the TikTok review. “I really enjoyed it. It was super fun. I would just mix it in with other forms of fitness.”

Jones, who claims to have taken nearly 600 group fitness classes over the last decade, still has many classes in her queue to review as viewers continue to ask for her opinions on the most popular workout courses in the country.

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