Molby: Hazard must prove himself against the big teams

Former Liverpool midfielder Jan Molby is looking forward to seeing whether Eden Hazard can continue his impressive form against Chelsea's tougher opponents.

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Eden Hazard, Chelsea

It is true that Chelsea's two fixtures so far have been what a club like that would call winnable games, but that doesn't necessarily mean you always win them.

I think the most interesting thing is seeing them change their whole gameplan from the way they played last season, when they were criticised for perhaps being too negative. So far this season, there has been plenty of attacking flair, and they will be happy with a return of six goals from two games.

They still have work to do, though. Not just in conceding two against Reading, but at Wigan at the weekend they also gave the opposition a number of chances.

It is all about striking that balance. Last season they relied heavily on their strong defence – which led them to their first European Cup, of course – and now they seem to have really opened up. When they have the calibre of attacking midfielders that they have in their squad now that is bound to happen, but they have to find a way of accommodating them without leaving too many weak spots that better sides can exploit.

But starting a season off with six points from two games gives any team a massive boost, and they can be pleased with how things have gone so far on the whole.

I think, more than anything, they will be pleased at how Eden Hazard has been so effective in his first games in England. Setting up three goals and winning two penalties is a great return for a Premier League veteran, but for a young player new to the league it is very impressive.

Hazard has that ability to create something on his own and to see a pass early. That's why the best players of his type go for so much money.

I remember first seeing him play at Lille, and some of the things he was doing were incredible. It was easy to downgrade those achievements a little because it was in the French league, but he appears to have made the transition to England seamlessly.

Of course, we will have to wait and see how he delivers in the big games. If he can go to Old Trafford and play the same way there, then we can all get very excited.

The first big test for him and Chelsea will be when they travel to Arsenal at the end of September. The Gunners are just the sort of opponents who are equipped to hurt this more open Chelsea side, with their ability to keep the ball and wait for an opening. In such a game, especially away from home, Hazard will have to make a more defensive contribution to go along with his creative instincts.

Until he shows what he can do against the best opposition the league has to offer, Hazard remains one of the brightest young prospects out there. If he plays like he has done so far when it matters most, then we can talk about him being a genuine star.

The same goes for this Chelsea side as a whole, really. To win the title you have to be getting close to 90 points. I think both Manchester clubs will get there, but I'm not sure Chelsea quite have it in them yet. But it will be very interesting to see how they develop throughout the season.

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