Mom Gives Birth to Son in Front Seat of Tesla Near George Washington Bridge Exit

Allison Kahan Goldfarb Allison, Jordan, Blake and Liv Goldfarb

Allison Goldfarb was fully aware that giving birth to a baby during a northeast winter was risky — there was always the chance that a sudden snowstorm would swoop in, trapping her in her car on the way to the hospital.

What she didn't expect was to give birth just off the George Washington Bridge in New York City for no reason other than her son's precocious punctuality.

"I had said to [my doctor] throughout my pregnancy, 'Oh my goodness. I'm due in January. What if I go into labor in a snowstorm and I'm stuck on the GW Bridge?'" she tells PEOPLE. "I was very stressed out about the possibility of something like that happening."

Somehow, that's exactly what did happen for Goldfarb, 33, and her husband Blake on Jan. 19, when their son Jordan Harris made his entrance into the world in the front seat of their Tesla.

Allison Kahan Goldfarb Allison and Blake Goldfarb and their son, Jordan

"At the time, my husband and I were both COVID-19 positive, so we originally weren't sure if my husband was going to be in the delivery room, but it turns out, he was the delivery room," she said in a statement shared by the New York City Fire Department.

For Goldfarb and Blake, who live in North Caldwell, New Jersey, the day began as any other. Goldfarb visited her doctor and was sent home, as everything looked good and the baby wasn't due until Jan. 27.

But not even 15 minutes after she got home, Goldfarb, a teacher, had her first contraction, and decided to head back into the city, as she planned to give birth at Mt. Sinai in Manhattan.

Allison Kahan Goldfarb

The couple got into their car around 7:45 p,.m., ready to make the half-hour drive into the city — but just about 10 minutes later, Goldfarb's water broke, and her contractions picked up.

"It's hard to know when it all happened, but we were on the bridge and I could feel my son's head out of me," she recalls. "I was flipping out and my husband said he was going to pull over – or, 911 told him to pull over, and the first place we could safely pull over was the first exit off the bridge."

As they continued traveling through New Jersey and into the city, they were transferred to several different 911 operators, talking at one point to dispatchers in New Jersey, then Port Authority, then New York City.

Allison Kahan Goldfarb Jordan Goldfarb

"They were like, 'Sir, you need to get out of the car and deliver this baby,'" she says. "And he got around to the passenger side of the car and basically straddled me to deliver the baby."

While not exactly the comfort of a delivery room, Blake had managed to pull over as soon as he safely could just off the bridge, at 174th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. They estimate that Jordan was born around 8:20 p.m., and an ambulance arrived to take them to the hospital minutes later.

"He barely cried at first, so I was panicked, [thinking], 'Is the baby okay?'" Goldfarb says. "As soon as EMS showed up and they came to the side of the car, I was screaming, 'Is the baby okay?' And they said yes."

Allison Kahan Goldfarb Allison and Blake Goldfarb and their son Jordan

As mom and baby — who was named Jordan Harris after Goldfarb's brother Joshua Harrison, who died of leukemia at 3 years old — recovered, Blake stayed outside for a recovery mission of his own: their Tesla's white seats.

"My husband is a clean freak, so that was very funny," Goldfarb says. "Apparently he stood outside the hospital after the whole ordeal was done. He stood outside the hospital with Clorox wipes and cleaned the car while waiting to be allowed into the hospital."

Once the shock of the delivery settled in, the couple was able to tell their stunned family and friends, and managed to capture many of their reactions in screenshots as they talked over FaceTime.

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"Everybody was completely jaw-dropped, stunned, shocked," Goldfarb says. "Like, 'How did this happen? What do you mean?'"

"What's funny is all my friends and family were like, of course this would happen to you, Allison," she adds. "This is a typical Allison story. And everybody was very surprised that I did not faint or have an anxiety attack because both of those things would be in the normal realm of me."

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Back at home, the couple have been adjusting to life as a family of four with Jordan and their 21-month-old daughter Liv.

"She is loving it," says the proud mom. "It is the most precious thing to watch. She loves her baby brother and she's very gentle with him and it's so sweet."

"[Blake and I] both feel very blessed and grateful that everything worked out," she adds. "I'm proud of him and he's proud of me."