Mom-to-be’s graveyard gender reveal brings TikTokers to tears: ‘OMG, just got shivers’

A couple held their gender reveal in a cemetery, and TikTokers are touched by the reason why.

Expecting mom Ellie (@elliepaige_3) gained over 9.7 million views and 5,000 comments when she uploaded the emotional footage to her account.

Now, Ellie’s footage is touching people’s hearts worldwide — and inspiring them to hold their loved ones tight.

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In the video, viewers watched as Ellie and her partner stood over a headstone, gender reveal cannon in hand.

Lovingly decorated with flowers and statues, the headstone belonged to Ellie’s mom, who passed away from cancer.

To celebrate the special occasion with her mom, Ellie decided the best place to hold her baby’s gender reveal would be in the cemetery.

When Ellie finally released the cannon, shooting pink confetti into the sky, it was her mom’s gravestone that she looked to first as she screamed in excitement.

“OMG… the way you looked at your mom first!! Hugs from one bereaved child to another,” one user wrote.

“OMG. Just got shivers how you looked at your mum first! God bless,” another user commented.

“How beautiful that you told your mum first! You look at the ground in sheer happiness. Congratulations,” wrote another user.

“Awwww what a beautiful thing to do. Your mumma is looking down on you,” commented one user.

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‘ This was the closest I could get to being with her…’

However, some people were quick to make negative assumptions about Ellie’s gender reveal, writing ugly comments on her video.

“On the grave? Macabre,” one user wrote.

“iM sO cOOL mY gEnDEr rEVeaL wAs aT a GraVeYaRD💀👏🏽,” another user mocked.

Ellie addressed the rude comments in a later video, clarifying that she simply wanted to be with her mom for the emotional moment. “This was the closest I could get to being with her,” she explained.

The couple went on to welcome a healthy baby girl named Millie, who inspires Ellie to stay strong in her own fight against cancer.

Now, Ellie uses her TikTok to share her journey — and to remind people that social media needn’t be such an angry, negative place.

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