Mom puts teen daughter on blast for her Sweet 16 wishlist

This mom took to TikTok to vent about her daughter’s hilariously extravagant wishlist for her sweet sixteen, and viewers are losing it over the specificity of each item.

Sixteen is a milestone birthday that many teens take seriously. Sometimes, a little too seriously. Take it from TikToker and parent Amanda Melendez (@weretheayegurls), who had a hilarious response after her daughter gave her a wishlist of big-ticket items she wants for her sixteenth birthday, and viewers are cracking up over the bold teen’s expensive and unique requests.

“My daughter finally sent me over her birthday list,” Melendez says, addressing the camera from the front seat of her car at the beginning of the clip. The mom of two explains that her daughter will be turning sixteen the following month, before noting that the teen wanted to go on vacation instead of having a sweet sixteen party.

Unfortunately, a vacation wasn’t possible due to timing issues with their passports, so Melendez had to make other arrangements. In the meantime, her daughter provided her with the wishlist.

The clip quickly cuts to a green screen shot from the iPhone Notes app titled “16th birthday list.” The teen, who currently has an iPhone 11, hits the ground running with an iPhone 13 as the first item on her list.

Like she’s fifteen going on thirty, the teen adds a juicer to her wishlist. “Okay. Homegirl’s trying to get healthy. She’s on a health kick. I’m right there with her,” Melendez states.

For her daughter’s “big girl purse,” translation: “designer purse,” Melendez can choose between Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Telfar.

Some of the funnier items listed include “money,” which her daughter confirmed the dollar amount as $1,000, which seems like enough to cover the cost of another request, her seven-letter name spelled out in pink roses.

Until she can come up with anything else, the teen wrapped up her birthday wishlist with “bras and underwear from Fenty,” leaving Melendez in shock from the audacity.

The birthday wishlist had viewers in stitches, and some even had a few money-saving tips for items on the registry.

“Let her dream,” one user playfully said.

“Coach has an outlet website [with stuff that’s] always on sale,” suggested one TikToker.

“Note to self: *[give] future child short-lettered name in case she asks for roses that spell out her name*,” one viewer joked.

While the things on the teen’s birthday wishlist may cost a pretty penny, fortunately, a good imagination is free.

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