'He knew it was a bad idea': Mom shares footage of toddler son's outdoor adventure 'gone wrong'

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There’s nothing more magical than the first few crispy fallen leaves of autumn, which undoubtedly signal that the opportunity to jump into a pile of them is growing near.

For one little boy, however, the seasonal rite of passage was anything but enchanting. His mother caught the entire mishap on camera. 

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TikToker Carley Anderson (@notcarl4444) shared footage of her toddler son sitting atop a backyard playground set before sliding down into a massive pile of leaves awaiting him at the bottom.

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Unfortunately, what was meant to be a fun autumn activity went a little bit south when the child rapidly sank into the depths of the pile.

His vigilant mother quickly dug the crying toddler out, and he was thankfully unscathed.  

Anderson shared a clip of the incident on TikTok, aptly titling the video “first leaf pile gone wrong.” It has since racked up over 54.8 million views and more than 92,000 comments.

“This is his villain origin story,” one viewer commented.

"Therapy in 15 years *idk man, for some reason autumn triggers my anxiety*," joked another.

"This is the epitome of every mom trying to make cool memories with their kids and it always backfiring," wrote a third.

"He knew it was a bad idea, he tried to stop y’all," commented another.

To reassure some viewers who claimed her child was “traumatized” by the leaf pile gone wrong, Anderson later shared a video of her son playing in the very same leaf pile at the bottom of the slide.

“You tell those leaves [off]!” she jokes in the clip.

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