Mom shares her top 5 tips for getting her kids to leave the playground without a meltdown

This TikTok parent shared her brilliantly simple tips for getting her kids to leave the playground!

If your child has a meltdown when it’s time to leave the playground, this TikTok parent has some advice that just might help. Alie-Marie Ingram (@alimariehere) is a parent and TikToker who has developed 5 simple methods for getting her kids to leave the playground without any begging, pleading, or tears. In a TikTok video, Alie-Marie shared her playground tips and explained why they’re so effective in preventing tantrums.

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In the video, Alie-Marie explains that it’s normal for kids to be reluctant to leave the playground. “I wanted to share my top tips on how to make the transition a bit smoother,” she explains.

Alie-Marie’s first tip is to spend half of your time at the playground actively engaged with your child. “Play whatever it is that they want you to play with them,” she recommends. “Try to leave your phone put away as much as possible when you are actively engaging with your child.”

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Second, Alie-Marie recommends allowing your child to play independently for the other half of their time. “This can be making friends, learning how things work on the playground, but kind of look from afar and give them an ability and an opportunity to explore their senses on the playground,” Alie-Marie explains.

Third, give kids a timed warning when it’s almost time to leave—and stick to the time you tell them. Alie-Marie explains, “Do not tell your child 2 more minutes and then 15 minutes later you’re saying, ‘Okay, one more minute.’ You have to hold firm to the actual time.”

Fourth, when their time is up, give kids 10 more seconds or the opportunity to do one last thing. “I’ll say, ‘Okay, on the count of 10 we have to get going to the car,’” Alie-Marie says. “Or I’ll say, ‘Okay, you want to go down the slide one more time? Let’s do it really quick and then we have to go.’”

Last but not least, Alie-Marie recommends incentivizing kids to leave by making the walk to the car or the car ride, itself, sound appealing. “You could say, ‘Ooh, do you want to race? Do you want to run, skip, or jump?’” she explains. “Or, you can make the car itself sound appealing. Say, ‘Ooh, let’s go to the car. It’s going to be so warm and toasty in there.’”

Viewers applauded Alie-Marie’s tips and shared some of their own!

“The ‘Wanna race?’ has saved me from so many meltdowns with my son! This is great advice!” one parent commented.

“I always say, ‘First person to the car picks the first song we listen to!’ That always gets the kiddos racing to the car,” another parent shared.

Getting kids to leave the playground when they’re having fun can be tough, but as Alie-Marie shows, sometimes small changes in your approach can make a big difference!

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