Monica Barbaro on Bonding with On-Screen Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger: 'We Gave Each Other a Hard Time'

Monica Barbaro tells PEOPLE that she and Arnold Schwarzenegger "goofed around a lot" on the set of the new action-comedy FUBAR

Amanda Matlovich/Netflix
Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Monica Barbaro is opening up about having Arnold Schwarzenegger play her on-screen father in the new action-comedy series FUBAR.

The 32-year-old actress exclusively tells PEOPLE that she "got along immediately" with the Terminator star, 75.

"We gave each other a hard time and goofed around a lot," she shares. "And it just made for a really nice, easy dynamic between the two of us filming scenes."

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Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix
Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

The Top Gun: Maverick star added that Schwarzenegger was the "consummate professional" on set, adding, "He shows up, of course, always prepared, but he does have a relaxation about him."

"He takes things in stride and it was good for me to observe that kind of just ability to let go," she says. "I would be asking questions and he'd be like, 'Better not to know.'"

She adds, "There are times to have a really intense work ethic, and you can always have a good work ethic, but you can also allow yourself to enjoy it."

In FUBAR, Barbaro stars as Emma, a CIA operative who is forced to team up with her dad after she finds out that he is also part of the spy organization. She shares that a major draw of the part was getting to "toe to toe with Arnold's character."

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Lionel Hahn/Getty
Lionel Hahn/Getty

The At Midnight actress — who studied dance at NYU Tisch School of the Arts — added that she enjoyed "getting to be really physical" in the action-packed role.

"I think it's really fun to get to learn a character from head to toe, which you do anyway, but the action is just very exhilarating and fun ... I think it's very suited to me because of my dance background and I'm just used to throwing my whole body into things," she explains.

"I think did come easily to me because of my background in dance, like flipping over a guy's back in this one shoot up scene that we have, and certain things that I think require a very specific kind of coordination came pretty easily to me," she added. "So I feel very lucky that I have my dance background."

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FUBAR premieres Thursday on Netflix.

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