More technical details for WRX's Projekt E support series revealed

Hal Ridge
More Projekt E technical details revealed
More Projekt E technical details revealed

Further technical details have been released about the World Rallycross Championship's planned Projekt E electric support series.

Austrian firm STARD, owned by former World Rally Championship podium finisher and World RX team owner Manfred Stohl announced last month that it would exclusively supply World RX promotor IMG with powertrain kits for the new series, which could start before 2021.

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Those kits will be for four-wheel drive cars using a pair of driven axles, integrated limited slip differentials and electronically-controlled front-to-rear torque distribution.

Having developed the world's first rallycross electric Supercar prototype four years ago, STARD's latest concept will produce similar performance to that of a current World RX Supercar.

STARD says its powertrain kit, which will be initially run and demonstrated in a Ford Fiesta bodyshell, called the 'ELECTRX', will be "fully flexible and designed to fit any type of road car bodyshells from B-segment upwards, especially including current and future EV crossovers."

That kit will include the electric motors and controllers, transmission, RESS (Rechargeable Energy Storage System or battery), wiring and electronics, and charging system.

"The Fiesta ELECTRX will showcase our EV motorsport competence and be used as a demonstration and test car for the Projekt E initiative, for which we are the exclusive technical partner to IMG Motorsports," said STARD CEO Michael Sakowicz.

"Projekt E will be just the start into a bigger long term and comprehensive electric future of rallycross which of course we aim to influence maybe even more with our Fiesta ELECTRX, than we did with our first all-electric RX car back in 2016.

"The exact structure and the activity around Projekt E will be disclosed at a later stage by our partner IMG."

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