The most terrifying found footage horror short has mysteriously landed on YouTube, and it will make you want to get rid of all your home security video cameras for good


A mysterious found footage short titled Exposure shot entirely on home security cameras has randomly appeared on YouTube, and it's the most terrifying thing we have seen today.

The best found footage horror films of the past few years have adapted to fit the advancement of modern technology, with Paranormal Activity 4 taking advantage of gaming equipment and Host convincing us that demonic possessions can take place over Zoom calls. But in recent years, home security cameras have been at the forefront of the genre, making the horror on screen even more real and believable. Enter, Exposure.

The short opens with a very real and chilling fact, stating "40% of UK homes now have cameras, largely from CCTV and smart devices. Many of these devices are susceptible to hacking, allowing intruders to watch residents in their own homes." Before introducing us to the victims of the film, a sleeping mother and daughter in an unknown British home.

The 9-minute long video then captures a home invasion by one man who has been contacting the little girl via the home security network and has convinced her to let him into the home. Watch the full short below to find out what happens next.

The short was uploaded by a brand new YouTube channel also Exposure, with no previous posts, channel description, or picture. Creepy. The short itself has no description or any information at all but has managed to rack up thousands of views views in under one day. However, Bloody Disgusting has identified the person behind the project, naming Kris Cummins as the writer and director.

But this isn't the first horror movie to make us scared of our own home technology this year. Upcoming horror remake The Strangers: Chapter 1 recently used creepy Ring Doorbell Footage showing the killers approaching a remote cabin, to promote the film.

Exposure is available to watch on YouTube for free right now. For more, check out our list of the best horror movies of all time, or keep up to date with upcoming horror movies heading your way this year.