Motion Picture Association Renews Chair-CEO Charles Rivkin’s Contract for Third Term

Charles Rivkin’s contract as chairman-CEO of the Motion Picture Association has been renewed for a third term, making him the longest running head of the trade organization since the legendary Jack Valenti.

Rivkin arrived at the MPA in January 2018. One of his first acts was to open up the membership ranks to include Netflix alongside Hollywood’s legacy movie and TV studios. Today, those studios are Disney, Paramount, Sony, Warner Bros. and Universal

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“As the world’s largest content creators, co-producing and investing in more local productions than ever before, MPA members are constantly pushing the boundaries of storytelling around the globe to delight audiences everywhere, on every available screen,” Rivkin said. “Our members’ films and series are among the most accessible and prominent cultural exports, and they drive the creative economy both in the United States and overseas.”

Under Rivkin’s leadership, the MPA has grown in terms of its geographical reach and anti-piracy efforts, and now operates in almost 20 countries. He’s also chairman of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, the world’s leading anti-piracy coalition that launched in 2017.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the MPA worked to create jobs and supporting local businesses by protecting and enhancing production incentive programs in key states, including New York, California, Georgia, New Jersey, and Louisiana, and in countries around the world, including Australia, Austria, Canada, France, India, Ireland, New Zealand and Spain. The trade group also made important progress in pioneering an incentive framework in Mexico.

Production incentives remain a top priority for Rivkin. In 2023, the MPA says it worked with local coalitions in the U.S. to secure almost $8 billion in new budget allocations that created thousands of middle-class jobs and pumped millions of dollars into local economies.

With MPA members increasingly focused on investing in local productions, safeguarding the streaming economy from onerous regulations has been another priority. Rivkin helped organize the U.S.-based Streaming Innovation Alliance (SIA), which is led by a bipartisan team with expertise in technology, telecom, internet and digital policy to advocate for federal and state policies that build on the strong, competitive and pro-consumer market for streaming video.

The MPA continues to engage in streaming policy debates in key international markets. MPA also deterred potentially harmful regulation of streaming services in key markets, including Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.

“Over the next three years, my team and I will continue to navigate paradigm shifts in technology, advances in distribution models, and changes in consumer tastes and behavior,” Rivkin said. “With each new challenge, I’m confident that the MPA will adapt and help our member companies and the iconic industry we proudly represent to grow even stronger.”

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