Motorcycling - Lorenzo, Rossi relationship 'improved'

Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi insist they are happy with the current atmosphere inside Yamaha's MotoGP camp.


The pair's relationship grew increasingly tumultuous in their last season together in 2010, leading former Yamaha boss Masao Furusawa to predict Rossi's return would create big problems for the outfit.

After the first three tests of 2013 however both Lorenzo and Rossi said they were comfortable with their renewed relationship, particularly because they could see the mutual benefits within the team.

"It is better than three years ago now because we are a bit older and more mature, mainly in my case because when I came in I was only 20," Lorenzo explained at the unveiling of Yamaha's 2013 colours.

"We don't need to be friends - motorcycle is not like soccer or basketball - but we are trying and stay calm and push together in the same direction.

"Valentino has so much experience, [so] it helps the Yamaha engineers and also with my feeling when I try something new.

"If one rider feels one thing and the other something completely different, it's difficult to improve the bike. At Sepang though we had very similar feelings about new [developments]."

Rossi admitted he had been worried about the atmosphere ahead of his return.

"It's a great feeling, but I was quite worried; I didn't know what atmosphere to expect," he said.

"I [have] changed my idea of Jorge in the last two seasons because I have had a lot of trouble but he was always very friendly with me, [even] when I came back with Yamaha.

"I feel like a kid with candy. Yamaha is a family I have shared the best moments of my career with, and I think that can be continued."

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