Motorcycling - MotoGP to test at Phillip Island

MotoGP will hold a limited pre-season test at Phillip Island in early 2014 to avoid a repeat of the tyre problems that plagued this year's race.

Motorcycling - MotoGP to test at Phillip Island

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MotoGP Phillip Island: Bridgestone make no apology for tyre chaos

The circuit was resurfaced at the end of 2012 but was not tried with a MotoGP bike until this season's Australian Grand Prix weekend.

The GP had to be shortened with a mid-race change of bikes imposed after tyre supplier Bridgestone was unable to guarantee the durability of its rear slick, a result of the new surface and unusually high temperatures.

Championship organisers said selected riders from MotoGP and the Dunlop-supplied Moto2 class - which had its race distance halved - would test on March 3-5 2014.

Toby Moody: Let's praise MotoGP for finding a solution

In the wake of this year's Phillip Island debacle, Bridgestone's head of motorcycle racing tyre development Shinji Aoki said getting test mileage at the track was essential to resolving the issue.

"Everyone at Bridgestone is confident that if we test next year with factory riders at Phillip Island early next year, we can develop tyres for this circuit that will last the full race distance of 27 laps," said Aoki.

"It will be a big challenge for us, but one we will pursue diligently."

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