Motorcycling - Rossi: Bautista crash a 'race incident'

Factory Yamaha's Valentino Rossi says his third-corner crash with Alvaro Bautista at the Mugello MotoGP was just a racing incident but placed the blame firmly at the Spaniard's door, saying he was hit on the foot by the Honda man's front wheel.

Motorcycling - Rossi: Bautista crash a 'race incident'

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TT 2013: Bautista crash a 'race incident' says Rossi

The Doctor got a bad start which he attributes to a duff clutch but insists he was in front of Bautista when he began to change direction from left to right for Poggio Secco but admits Bautista may have not seen him.

"I had a problem with the clutch and I did a bad start and lose some position. I arrived at the second corner and overtake on the outside of Bautista and I think he was very much on the inside," said Rossi, speaking at Mugello.

"From the inside he open the throttle for close the line in the middle of the track to the guy behind but unfortunately, I was already in front and he come to me.

"I am lucky I am ok because it was a big crash. Bautista was still on the left, but I was changing direction when he hit me on my foot with the front tyre, I lose control of the bike and I go to the wall which luckily have protection.

"We went to speak at race direction and Bautista say he didn't see me. This is possible as he was on the left and difficult for him to see I was already in front but anyway, he do a mistake and it is a race incident. Is a great pity because we could fight for the podium today. I have a good pace and we could do a good race."

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