Motorhead: 10 alternative venues for a British GP

Two fairly ambitious plans for a new British Grand Prix - one around the Olympic Park, another through the streets of London - have been mooted.


Maybe they’re so bold they’ll never see the light of day, or maybe they’re just not brash enough. Here are 10 slightly more large-scale projects for Formula One on these shores.

 1 – The M25

 Arguably the only thing that Britain’s most famous stretch of motorway needs is for some cars to be able to go at a decent pace along it.

Pros: Service stations as pit stops

Cons: Traffic jams probable

2 - Stonehenge

Racing against the backdrop of a classic British landmark – blending classic feats of construction with today’s cutting-edge engineering.

Pros: Scenic

Cons: Agricultural

3 – The streets of Milton Keynes

Bernie Ecclestone is eager to stage a Grand Prix on the streets of New York – with its straight, intersecting roads, Milton Keynes could be the next best thing. Although the roundabouts might make overtaking difficult.

Pros: Near the factories of several major constructors

Cons: In Milton Keynes

4 – Mount Snowdon, Wales

Formula One could take a leaf out of the Tour de France’s book with some mountain trials as well as standard circuits.

Pros: Different

Cons: Some fairly large drops

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5 - Scotland, around Loch Ness

One of Britain’s most beautiful spots, in a country with a rich Formula One history.

Pros: Spreading Formula One across the UK

Cons: Risk of monsters

6 - In a video game

A cost-effective alternative to actually creating a new circuit – simply have the drivers play the latest Formula One game as themselves.

Pros: Save the planet

Con: Not much of a spectator event

7 - BBC Television Centre

Having just been sold, the building could do with a new lease of life.

Pros: Cameras already in place

Cons: Narrow corridors

8 - Lord's figure of eight

The home of cricket has seen helicopters land on site in recent years and will host the Olympics – why not have a figure of eight, Scalextric-style, around the Nursery Ground and Main Ground?

Pros: Equipped to host generous crowd

Cons: Important to keep off the grass

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9 – Isle of Man TT circuit

A bastion of motorsports with a track already in place.

Pros: Tradition

Cons: Slippery

10 – Silverstone

Outlandish, admittedly, but Silverstone has an historic track, redesigned venue, a contract to host British Grands Prix for years to come and is only a couple of car parks short of being near-perfect.

Pros: It’s Silverstone, for crying out loud

Cons: The parking – but that might just be easier to fix than some of the other problems mentioned above

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