Motorsports - Emmett still held in Dubai without charge

Former Grand Prix and British Superbike star Sean Emmett remains stuck in Dubai without being charged by police following the death of his wife seven months ago and it has now cost him all of his life savings.

Motorsports - Emmett still held in Dubai without charge

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Emmett still held in Dubai without charge

The Surrey man has been stuck in the Gulf state after authorities took control of his passport and even though no charges have been brought against him, he is not allowed to leave the country. Officials at the British Consulate seem powerless to help as they say they cannot get involved in another country's legal system.

Emmett's wife Abbie died when she fell from a hotel balcony while on the couple's honeymoon earlier this year.

"It's a joke to be honest. I was released from custody without charge the day after Abbie's death. The coroner here made a ruling there was no foul play in the circumstances surrounding her death and the same conclusion was drawn by a coroner in the UK, but I am still here," said Emmett, speaking to this lunchtime.

"There have been no charges but the authorities here say the investigation is ongoing. They have not been to interview me or ask any questions, hundreds of people must have stayed in the hotel room we were in since then, so I don't know what they think they are achieving. She has been cremated and still they won't let me leave."

Emmett has spent the £35,000 he had in life savings and is now reliant on donations from friends. He has been living in hotels and burger bars but is at the end of this tether.

"There is an appeal process and the next thing for me is to appeal to the attorney general but I am not sure what good that will do. Obviously I appreciate it is their country and their rules, but nothing is happening.

"There isn't anything for them to investigate and they refuse to put a timescale on anything, they just say to me that this is their country and I just have to wait."

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