'The Mountain Between Us' clip explains why Kate Winslet won't take Idris Elba's picture

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“We’re not going to die. Not today,” Idris Elba tells Kate Winslet in this newly released clip from The Mountain Between Us. But things are looking pretty dire for the attractive pair. In Hany Abu-Assad’s dramatic thriller, based on the 2011 novel by Charles Martin, a journalist (Winslet) and a surgeon (Elba) are the only survivors of a plane crash that leaves them stranded in the snowy peaks of Utah. Together, the two strangers must find their way out of the treacherous wilderness, which forces them to confront their own demons. The clip above reveals one of the experiences that haunts Winslet’s character — and makes it emotionally traumatizing for her to take a simple photograph.

The Mountain Between Us, one of Yahoo Movies’ most anticipated premieres at the Toronto Film Festival, was filmed on location in British Columbia in temperatures that reached negative 36 degrees Farenheit. “It would take me 45 minutes to dress in the morning, clever layers under those costumes, so we didn’t look like Michelin men,” Winslet told the New York Times of her extreme shooting conditions. “And then I would have heat packs stuck to me — three on my arms, a couple across my chest. They give out really fast when you’re at altitude. A couple of moments, we would lose the feelings in our toes and have to stop for half an hour, and someone would put their gloves on our feet. We were in full survival mode.”

The Mountain Between Us hits theaters on Oct. 20.

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