Movie theater employee debunks major myth about ‘fresh’ concession stand popcorn: 'Just so you know’

A TikTok user is going viral after dispelling a major myth about movie theater popcorn.

The insider info comes courtesy of movie theater employee Paige DeCiancio, who posts as @paigedeciancio on the app. Her clip shows why customers actually wouldn’t want to request fresh-made popcorn when visiting the concession stand.

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It’s just the latest movie theater secret to spread widely on the app. Recently, another theater employee shared the worst way to sneak drinks into a screening. Before that, a customer shared her hack for making the “perfect” movie popcorn.

DeCiancio’s popcorn tip begins with her impression of a patron demanding the “freshest” batch possible.

“You actually don’t want the popcorn that’s directly out of the kettle,” the TikToker says. “Because it’s so hot that it’s still this, like, warm mushball. It’s not good.”

DeCiancio goes on to say that the best-tasting popcorn has likely been sitting out for “an hour or so.” She’s quick to add that most theaters make popcorn all day, so the popcorn will always be relatively fresh.

“It’s not been sitting there for days on end,” she adds. “Popcorn actually doesn’t go stale for at least about a week, but you’re never gonna have popcorn a week old at a movie theater. Just so you know.”

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Both movie theater employees and patrons chimed in to agree with DeCiancio’s insight.

“We legit would make popcorn every hour lol and people would demand this,” one person wrote.

“Yes! I worked at a movie theatre and the best tasting popcorn was the popcorn that was leftover from the night before and reheated. So much better,” another added.

However, some didn’t agree with DeCiancio’s advice.

“I worked at a movie theatre. This is so wrong,” one user wrote.

“Nah cause I’ve gotten stale popcorn from a movie theatre ain’t no way it lasts a week,” another agreed.

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