Is this movie theater popcorn trick the best hack of all time? TikTok seems to think so.

Moviegoers are rejoicing over a viral hack that seems to have solved customers’ unbuttered popcorn woes — and some are calling it the greatest life hack of all time.

TikToker Britt (@satanic_yeti) gained over 2 million views, 292,000 likes, 14,000 saves and 1,500 comments after uploading the popcorn hack to her account.

While this isn’t the first food hack to go viral across the app — like the frozen cereal hack that blew cereal lovers’ minds and gained over 1.8 million views — Britt’s hack seems to be flipping the concession stand game on its head.

In the video, Britt demonstrated — nearly without words — how to butter every layer of popcorn the next time you’re at the movie theater. All that’s required is an empty spray bottle and access to the butter dispenser.

With the help of Britt’s hack, an entire bucket of popcorn is able to be freshly buttered as you eat, rather than just the top layer — and all without missing any important movie moments to revisit the concession stand.

‘As someone who was a manager at an AMC, I applaud you’

TikTokers, including movie theater employees, applauded Britt’s hack in the comments.

“I want to be VERY clear here. This is THE GREATEST LIFE HACK THIS APP HAS EVER SHOWN ME. Thank you, I am forever in your debt,” wrote @dwaynetheboulder.

“you deserve a Nobel for this,” commented @fullmetal824.

“As someone who was a manager at an AMC, I applaud you,” wrote @catetortola.

For those who expressed concern about the butter cooling down and solidifying once within the spray bottle, Britt asserted that it’s oil, not butter — a fact that appears to be true, according to Delish.

“Butter Flavored Topping … is just an oil that mimics the taste of butter, and it’s made with chemicals like beta carotinepolydimethylsiloxanetertiary Butylhydroquinone … and hydrogenated soybean oil,” Delish reported.

“So, essentially, you’re just eating salt and chemicals, though those chemicals have obviously been labelled safe to eat by the FDA.”

‘I’ve never been more grateful for a hack’

But Britt’s spray bottle hack wasn’t the only popcorn trick to come out of the viral video.

“I use a straw to get butter all the way down, every time I do it some passerbys mind gets blown,” commented @fiona247365.

“I’ve never been more grateful for a hack 🙏🏼 from the straw hack to the “butter in the middle” and now this 👏🏼 thank you,” wrote @megkirk22.

The straw hack in question was actually a viral hit in its own right in 2022, thanks to TikTok user Gypsy (@gypsyg_).

“My granddaughter showed me this hack. You put a straw in your popcorn at the theater and the butter runs to the bottom and all your butter is not on top. And it works!” Gypsy wrote in her caption.

The video amassed over 5.4 million views and nearly 500 comments, most of which were in praise of the hack.

However, some butter-lovers felt the whole popcorn element was unnecessary. “Don’t remove the straw, just start sipping butter,” joked @yowzabeast.

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