MrBeast responds to another YouTuber's allegations that he ‘ruined YouTube’

A feud between YouTubers isn’t groundbreaking news. But a recent spat between Jacksepticeye and MrBeast has opened up a conversation surrounding what drives YouTubers to make videos: Should it all be for fun?

YouTuber and gamer Seán William McLoughlin, better known by his username Jacksepticeye or just “Jack,” accused popular YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, aka “MrBeast” of ruining the video platform.

On Sept. 2, Jack took a polygraph test on YouTuber TommyOutit’s show, where he admitted he didn’t like MrBeast. A video clip of the moment was posted on Twitter, where it amassed 38.6 million views — and prompted a response from MrBeast himself.

The Jack and MrBeast feud

Jack and MrBeast are both immensely popular on YouTube, but MrBeast surpasses Jack in subscribers, boasting 181 million subscribers to Jack’s 30.3 million.

MrBeast grew his audience with outlandish giveaways and video game content, but Jack claimed that MrBeast’s presence has made YouTube “more about views, money and popularity” than “about having fun.”

“If he had fun doing those videos, they’d be longer,” Jack insisted. “We’d see the fun.”

In an Aug. 26 tweet, MrBeast admitted that a lot of work goes into his video content. He wrote that he was “dying mentally” after pushing himself to film videos every single day.

His fans urged him to slow down and take breaks, with some even implying that the high rate of production could be viewed in a negative manner, as Jack suggested.

MrBeast responds

MrBeast initially took offense to the polygraph clip, posting a now-deleted tweet that called Jack’s comments “insanely disrespectful” and accused Jack of spending his own YouTube profits on frivolous things like a sports car and mansion.

Jack does have an extensive collection of cars, and while he does not talk about his home due to previous safety concerns with fans showing up to his house unannounced, he does have an estimated net worth of $16 million.

Commenters on the Reddit thread dedicated to MrBeast’s deleted tweet claimed that MrBeast “missed the point entirely” and that Jack’s comments were more about the impact that MrBeast has had on YouTube than commentary solely on MrBeast and his content.

“I love mrbeast ofc but i think he completely missed the point, jacks point was that he basically doesn’t like how every youtuber nowadays copy’s MrBeast,” one commenter wrote.

Another Redditor agreed, writing: “Now this isn’t saying I don’t like Mr beasts videos but I think he has started to change YouTube and I personally don’t like it and have just basically stopped watching all the ‘new YouTubers and have kept to watching the people who do the old formula of doing YouTube.”

Not everyone appreciated Jack’s attack on MrBeast or MrBeast’s initial response, but it does appear the feud is formally over for now.

MrBeast tweeted on Sep. 3 that he and Jack were “Gucci now,” implying that there was no bad blood between the two after they had exchanged messages.

Some Twitter users gave credit to the way the duo quickly and quietly handled their conflict, while others implied it was yet another indication of the power that MrBeast has amassed.

As for MrBeast’s YouTube fans and followers, they appear to still be enthralled by MrBeast’s content, regardless of whether he’s having fun creating it or not.

“The level of commitment that this man puts into trying to entertain his audience is insane. Props to the entire team for putting these together,” wrote @HaHaHaHeHaHa.

“Jimmy never dissappoints,” added @eybelchannel.

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