How Much Caffeine Is In Scooter's Coffee SCOOOT! Energy Drinks?

SCOOOT! energy drinks by pool
SCOOOT! energy drinks by pool - Instagram

There is a growing trend of coffee chains offering an alternative form of caffeine through energy drinks and those who don't love coffee or tea are celebrating. It makes sense from a marketing standpoint as well, since energy drinks are part of a multi-billion-dollar industry that's only expected to grow in the coming years. By creating and offering your own brand of energy drinks as a coffee chain, customers can add one to their morning coffee orders or come back for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Scooter's Coffee is capitalizing on this shift with the introduction of its own SCOOOT! Energy drinks. While the coffee chain's energy beverages aren't sold as a retail item just yet, the cans are used in their custom drink blends. Scooter's Coffee had previously used Red Bull as its caffeinated mixer, but it now has SCOOOT! Energy as the "exclusive ingredient" in infusion drinks and vertigo smoothies. Since the chain no longer sells Red Bull, customers must turn to SCOOOT! Energy, which claims to have a crisp, tropical flavor.

Scooter's Coffee doesn't list the specific caffeine content of the energy drinks on its website but they do say that "you'll get the same jolt of energy" that their Red Bull products provided. The previous Red Bull infusions at Scooter's used the tropical flavor for its sour candy and blue raspberry drinks. An 8.4 oz can of The Yellow Edition Tropical Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine, which likely means SCOOOT! Energy drinks could contain a similar amount.

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Not Everyone Is Happy With The Energy Drink Swap

holding drink at scooters coffee
holding drink at scooters coffee - Instagram

Any time a company makes changes to its menu, loyal customers are bound to be upset. It can be frustrating to have the recipe for your favorite go-to drink completely changed, which is exactly what some users took to Reddit to complain about. One post claimed that the Red Bull Infusions were incredible while the new version was a "bitter disappointment," saying that the flavor of the energy drink itself was too overpowering.

Many commenters shared the negative sentiment, initially thinking they were crazy or that the workers made the drink wrong. However, the disgust was directed at the taste and sugar content of the energy drink, not the amount of caffeine. Interestingly, when the coffee chain announced its new Energy Infusions with flavors like Prickly Pear, Raspberry, and Coconut, they marketed them as having less sugar and fewer calories while keeping the same energy.

If customers want to sweeten their energy drink, they have the option to add sweet cold foam or get the drink in a smoothie form with the added sweetness from real fruit. Customers also have the choice between the original or sugar-free version of the SCOOOT! Energy beverage. Taste is subjective, and some fans of Scooter's Coffee have raved about the drink infusions on TikTok, claiming they taste "heavenly." The flavor combination could also be an acquired taste, so, if you start having energy drinks every day, you may grow to love the flavors too.

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