Muirhead: Scots still in the mix

Scots not out yet


Muirhead's European champion rink were beaten 7-2 by Korea and the USA and need to restore some winning momentum with a won two, lost three record - with six matches remaining - giving early cause for concern.

Canada, Korea and Sweden are top of the rankings with just one defeat from their five matches while Denmark and Switzerland have lost two.

Scotland are one of six teams, including Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Russia, deadlocked on the same 2-3 record.

"We’ve only lost three games. We’re not out of the championships and we’re still right in the mix, so I don’t think it’s something to worry about," said Muirhead, as she resets her sights on forthcoming matches against Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

"It’s difficult to say what’s wrong. It’s one shot every end that’s catching us out. I’m really struggling with the stones out there, they’re a really tricky set of stones and they’re getting on top of us a little bit.

"All it will take is one game to get a good win and that’ll put us back on track."

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