Multiple ‘Survivor’ Records Broken on ‘Historic’ Finale

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This season of Survivor: Game Changers has easily been one of the craziest ever. The contestants proved that they are all “game changers,” and in the finale the game changed once again. Jeff Probst called the first of the three tribal councils in the finale “historic,” as multiple Survivor records were broken.

Record-breaking tribal council

Heading into the tribal council, Culpepper had won the immunity challenge, which left everyone else on the chopping block. So Tai got up and played both of his hidden immunity idols, one for himself and one for Aubrey. Sarah quickly followed, playing her Legacy Advantage, which granted her immunity as well. Troyzan didn’t want to be left out, so he then got up and played his hidden immunity idol. So after the dust settled, everyone had immunity except for poor Cirie. Probst explained it, saying, “You become the first person in 34 seasons to be voted out simply because there literally is no other choice.” So even though nobody wrote down Cirie’s name, she was sent home.

Immunity challenge beast

Following that record-breaking tribal, the rest of the historic finale was slightly less historic. Although, Brad Culpepper did win the final three immunity challenges, giving him five overall, which tied a Survivor record. And with Culpepper safe and all the hidden immunity idols out of the game, that meant Tai and Aubrey had run out of luck and were the next two voted out.

Once Culpepper, Troyzan, and Sarah were in the final three, Probst threw another Survivor first at them by switching up the final tribal council to an open forum. So instead of everyone in the jury getting up and asking questions, it was just an open discussion based around the three aspects of the game — outwit, outplay, outlast.

And the Survivor  winner Is…

After a healthy discussion, it was time to vote. Probst then walked into a studio full of people to reveal the winner. The votes were going back and forth between Culpepper and Sarah, until Sarah got a majority and was declared the winner. And in case Culpepper wasn’t feeling bad enough about narrowly losing out on a million dollars, Probst decided to kick him while he was down. Probst said, “You actually did play a game good enough to win. And one decision will haunt you. You made one wrong decision.”

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