My Mum, Your Dad teases elimination twist

My Mum, Your Dad spoilers follow.

My Mum, Your Dad teased that a new twist could be on the cards, with two people set to be eliminated from the show.

The ITV reality show has made for largely pleasant viewing thus far, with connections being made at a leisurely pace as the mid-lifers spend their time at The Retreat.

Tonight’s (September 18) episode hinted that they might have to pick their game up, with the teaser for tomorrow’s episode confirming that two individuals will be sent packing.

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With the twist being revealed at the conclusion of the episode, tonight’s action was all the more interesting as the hopefuls sought to find their perfect match.

In a bid to hasten the process, the group had to take part in an ‘Intimacy Challenge’, with a variety of techniques being used to bring the hopefuls closer together.

Unsurprisingly, the onlooking sons and daughters in the Surveillance Room found the session excruciating, with several watching from behind pillows as they couldn’t bear to see their parents in action.

Elsewhere in the episode, Martin H put on a brave face after being gently rejected by Monique, who expressed her own desires to get to know Martin M more.

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The late arrival had a decision to make, however, with his interest in Tollulah being equal to his feelings for Monique; will he be able to put an end to the love triangle that is brewing?

Roger also made a big step in his journey, letting Caroline know that he would be pursuing his connection with Janey. The couple got some alone time thanks to the decision of the ‘Love Experts’, who selected the pair to spend a period in a previously secret room.

With Martin H and Caroline now looking for a new match, and Elliot and Sharon also struggling to get past the first hurdle, tomorrow’s elimination will be tantalising for all…

My Mum, Your Dad airs on weekdays on ITV1.

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