"Worst nightmare': Mum's terrifying discovery in daughter's bedroom

Josh Dutton
·News Reporter
·1-min read

A Sydney mum has made a terrifying find in her daughter’s bedroom with some people calling to “burn the house down”.

A woman, who claims to be a friend of the mum, posted photos of the discovery on Twitter.

Pictures show two corners of a window frame covered with hundreds of baby huntsman spiders.

The woman also shared a video from the mum.

Hundreds of huntsman spiders are seen in corners of a ceiling in a Sydney home.
These spiders have certainly made themselves at home and seem to have started a family which is nice. Source: Twitter/Prin Petie

In the video, the mum says her daughter told her “there’s a bunch of spiders” in her room.

But the mum played it down.

“There’s maybe 50, 60,” she says.

“But then she says ‘look at the other corner. There’s more’.

“We’re never ever going to have mozzies again.”

The hundreds of spiders horrified viewers on Twitter with people hoping it was fake.

“Bloody hell. Australia is a horrifying place at times,” one woman tweeted.

Another woman called it “the stuff of nightmares”.

Another woman suggested the only solution to the problem is “a flamethrower”.

“Did they burn the house down? Inquiring minds want to know,” another tweeted.

While they might not be the most inviting house guests, huntsmans aren’t deadly to humans according to the Australian Museum.

A bite might hurt though.

Huntsmans mostly feed on small insects and their predators consist of birds and geckos.