Murray Issues Doping Warning

Sky News

Andy Murray is calling for major changes to the way that blood testing is carried out in tennis.

Speaking to Sky News, Murray said the sport must heed the warnings from recent high profile cases and put in place stronger doping controls, backed up by greater funding,

He said: "There should be (changes made) if there's not. From everything that's happened over the past few months there's an understanding from everyone how dangerous that can be if you don't have the right doping controls in place.

"We're gonna need to add more blood testing and have the biological passports in tennis. With doing more blood testing it comes down to a cost, that's the case with most sports why there isn't more testing, ideally everyone would be getting blood tested every other week but its not cheap so we need to find the best way of paying for it.

"We need to get it sorted now. I think now is the right time to do it, we can't focus on the past, you look forward at what can we do to make tennis the cleanest sport that it can be.

"My last blood test was at the Paris Masters in November, we only have four or five max a year. Urine testing happened a lot more last year particularly around the time of the Olympics, but yes we don't have any where near as many blood tests.

"Maybe a lot of people were a bit naive when I was growing up and I was one of them that you don't think of anything like that (doping) happening in any sport, and when you see some of the stuff that's gone on you realise that this could be a real problem and how do you stop it from becoming a major issue in your own sport."

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