Musical fundraising event for child cancer charity Sophie's Legacy to take place in Southsea seafront venue

Perfomers from Shining Lights II will sing at the event.
Perfomers from Shining Lights II will sing at the event.

The “Sing for Sophie” event, which will raise money for Fareham-based charity Sophie’s Legacy, will take place at the Gaiety Bar, Southsea, on September 10.

The night will feature renditions of musicals from throughout the ages, such as Annie, Oliver, Chicago, A Little Shop of Horrors, Les Miserables, Sound of Music, and many more.

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All will be performed by 29 children aged between four and 17, from 12 different schools and colleges in the area, as well as eight different dance and performing arts academies. Together, they make up Shining Lights II.

Joanne Baker, one of the women in charge of hosting the event alongside her friends Zoe Killick and Anni Hiller-smith, said: “Myself and my friend, we all have children who like to dance and perform and we decided it would be nice to do something for the children to have some fun and to raise money for a local charity.”

The venue has 320 seats and the organisers are hoping for a full booking to raise as much money as possible for the charity. Also on the night there will be a big raffle event with the opportunity to win prizes and donate even more money to the child cancer charity.

She added: “We read Sophie’s story and felt that it touched all of our hearts and that we would like to do something to help raise money for Sophie’s Legacy.”

Sophie’s Legacy aims to improve food for children in hospitals, increase spending on child cancer research, train GPs, nurses, and professionals in child cancer, for parents to be fed in hospitals when staying with their children, and to have a play specialist in hospitals seven days a week for the children.

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Tickets cost £10 each with all proceeds going towards the Fareham-based charity, which is centred around the ‘bucket list’ of the young Sophie Fairall who died of cancer aged 10 in September 2021. The charity was set up by Sophie’s mother, Charlotte Fairall, in January 2022 - and has so far raised over £150,000. You can buy a ticket by emailing