Musician shares what it's like to live on a cruise ship 10 months out of the year: 'It looks amazing'

Jack Nolan (@jackcruisesaround) feels he’s discovered the perfect way to live, and he’s taking TikTok behind the scenes to prove it.

For 10 months out of the year, the traveling musician lives and works on an adults-only cruise ship run by Virgin and says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The TikToker’s account page is filled with dozens of videos that document his unique lifestyle — from what it’s like being on a cruise ship with no kids to how rowdy the nightlife really gets.

He also takes the time to answer numerous follower questions about things like what the food is like, how big his cabin is and how he does his laundry.

In case you’re curious, Nolan says the food is very good and is served to the crew in a separate dining space known as the “crew mess.” According to the TikToker, Virgin’s crew mess is the best one he’s eaten in yet.

In another recent clip, Nolan shows just how tiny his private cabin really is — which is fine for him but could be a dealbreaker for someone else.

“It’s so small, I can almost touch every wall at the same time,” he says during the TikTok while reaching his arms and legs out to the ceiling and walls.

And as for doing his laundry? He says it’s pretty simple since the crew’s laundry room is roughly a 30-second walk from his cabin. While he waits, he often heads to the crew mess to sip some coffee and hang out with friends until it’s time to switch loads.

In each video, Nolan seems to be honest about his experience and hopes to inspire other musicians to look for steady gigs on cruise ships, too. He often highlights the many benefits of the job, which include the ability to constantly travel to exciting new places, save money and socialize with people from all over the world.

“There’s not many jobs that allow you to travel to amazing destinations and still get paid at the same time,” he says in one clip.

Add in the fact that he doesn’t have to pay any monthly rent or food bills, and the savings are pretty sweet. (And did we mention he gets free Wi-Fi?)

Plus, you can’t beat the commute to work — no traffic ever!

That said, living and working on a cruise ship isn’t for everyone — especially when you’re away from close friends and family for much of the year.

In the comments on his videos, a lot of people have said that while it looks pretty fun and all, they probably couldn’t hack it themselves. Some cited claustrophobia as their main reason, while others said life at sea simply isn’t for them.

“So pleased you living ur best life , it looks amazing…..just wish I cud watch ur posts without getting motion sickness,” one commenter wrote.

However, plenty of others have found themselves glued to Nolan’s videos, calling his job their ultimate “dream.”

Plenty of other TikTokers have taken curious viewers “below deck” over the years, too.

In 2021, another cruise ship musician went viral for showing the truly delicious-looking buffet that crew members get offered daily. Others, like the travel vlogger Nicole Renard (@nicole_thenomad), have taken viewers behind the scenes as a guest. In a viral clip from 2022, Renard gave a quick tour of her cabin during a Disney cruise.

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