My Mum, Your Dad: Davina McCall emotional as widower goes on first date

The dating series for older singles kicked off with a tearjerking first episode.

Davina McCall will host My Mum, Your Dad. (ITV/Lifted Entertainment)
Davina McCall hosts My Mum, Your Dad. (ITV/Lifted Entertainment)

Davina McCall has shared her emotions over the first episode of My Mum, Your Dad as a widower went on his first date in decades.

The ITV show has been billed as the middle-aged Love Island and sees contestants' children secretly put in charge of who their single parents will date from the cast.

One contestant, 58-year-old Roger, left viewers and the show's host McCall emotional as he and his daughter Jess spoke about his search for a new partner after the death of his wife 18 months earlier.

Roger with his daughter Jess. (Lifted Entertainment)
Roger with his daughter Jess. (Lifted Entertainment)

Jess explained: "I know I want him to be with someone, I don't want him to grow old without someone, but it's just getting my head around it not being mum."

McCall was clearly moved by Jess's interview as she tweeted during the episode: "Aren’t they so so lovely, their kids x love you Jess x"

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On his first date with fellow contestant Caroline, Roger left her in tears as he talked about his late wife's cancer and how painful it had been for his children.

Jess has said of encouraging her dad to go on the show: "It was a joint thing with my brother and sister and it was our way of basically telling him that we were happy for him to start dating, if that was something he wanted to do."

Roger went on a date with Caroline. (Lifted Entertainment)
Roger went on a date with Caroline. (Lifted Entertainment)

Roger was an instant favourite with viewers, as one person wrote: "Aww Roger…. What a True gent, big heart and the nation loves you. I think we all wanted to jump through the telly and give him a squeeze."

Another viewer compared him to Paul Hollywood and joked: "Is that the guy from bake off?"

The new dating series was a hit for its genuine contestants and heartwarming interviews - but many viewers commented on how beautiful the cast were.

One person tweeted: "WHERE are they getting such attractive parents from?!?"

My Mum Your Dad
Viewers loved the new dating show. (Lifted Entertainment)

Someone else admitted: "The men on this show are more my type than the men on Love Island."

Another viewer wrote: "Was really hoping #mymumyourdad would have more normal looking people, like Brenda who likes knitting & bingo and Steve who likes a pint after the football! These parents are stunning, literal models."

Someone else agreed: "Not a beer belly or muffin top in sight… literally just Love Island +VAT."

But McCall commented that viewers could look out for a more genuine take on dating, as she tweeted: "This is so refreshing . To see how hard it is dating in midlife …"