Mykhaylo Mudryk provides convenient distraction with ‘racist’ rap video

Mykhailo Mudryk on his Chelsea debut against Liverpool Credit: Alamy
Mykhailo Mudryk on his Chelsea debut against Liverpool Credit: Alamy

Welcome to the English media, Mykhaylo Mudryk. Remember that TikTok video you made in a foreign language last year…


There are only two occasions when footballers appear on the front page of The Sun.

And as Mykhaylo Mudryk is not an England footballer wrapped in a St. George’s flag ahead of a major tournament game, we know straight away that he has been A Bad Boy.

Now you could argue that there are rather more important things going on in England right now – the UK being the only major economy predicted to shrink in 2023 after the Sun-backed Conservatives utterly f***ed us, being one – but according to The Sun, the biggest news right now is that a footballer said the N word last year.

We have a few problems with this. The first is that Mudryk is not a ‘£88m Chelsea star’, he is a £62m Chelsea signing. The second is that it’s not relevant in the slightest how much he cost because the whole story is basically this: A 21-year-old born and raised in Ukraine for whom English is not his first language once made a TikTok video in which he rapped and repeated a lyric that should not be rapped and repeated by white people.

And that’s all.

It’s not a great look but this is an Eastern European boy who likes rap music. It’s not like he’s the captain of Chelsea saying the words “f***ing black c***” on a football pitch to a fellow professional.

And it’s also rather important that Mudryk has apologised and removed the video. Oddly, this is not mentioned on the front page of The Sun.

But as we discovered online, Mudryk’s representative told The Sun:

“Mykhailo is deeply sorry for any offence caused by the video posted on his TikTok account last July. Whilst his intention was solely to recite lyrics of a song, Mykhailo regrets his decision and wholeheartedly accepts it was not appropriate. The video has since been removed.”

The newspaper is claiming an ‘EXCLUSIVE’ on the ‘FURY ABOUT ACE’ before saying Mudryk has been ‘slammed’ and ‘blasted’ by campaigners, but this is the entirety of the statement from Kick It Out:

“Kick It Out condemns the use of all racial slurs, including the N-word irrespective of context.

“The N-word is deeply offensive and the use of this term by high-profile figures in football can only serve to alienate people from the game.

“It is important that footballers use their significant platform in a positive way, and we’re encouraged to see that Mykhailo Mudryk has acknowledged the hurt caused by his use of this offensive slur.”

Not a ‘slam’. Not a ‘blast’. Just a measured statement that acknowledges that Mudryk has apologised. Which is more than The Sun manage on a ludicrous front page designed purely to distract.

And no, it’s not a ‘racist video’; it’s a video in which a young man raps a lyric which contains a racial slur. There is a massive difference.


Viva Las Vegas
The media obsession with misbehaving footballers is how we get here…

‘Man Utd off to Las Vegas for first time ever as Erik ten Hag wants to test discipline’ – Daily Star.

‘Man Utd boss Erik ten Hag to test discipline of squad with luxurious Las Vegas trip’ – Express.

‘Man Utd set to travel to Las Vegas for first time in summer tour so Erik ten Hag can test stars’ discipline’ – The Sun.

They’re not going on a sodding stag do.

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