Nagel and Corradina back to form

German rider Carsten-Otto Nagel and his faithful Corradina completed a very impressive display at the Dublin Grand Prix.


Out of the 40 riders, only four managed to clear the first round. The six others, joining them in the second round, started with a four-point handicaps.

On a slightly easier course, eight crossed the finish line without penalties.

Two weeks ago, Nagel could have taken part in the Olympics, but she had not recovered yet from an infection due to a dental surgery.

It took Corradina more time to recover than expected, but now she is exactly like she was before .

Kevin Staut finished second with a very attentive Rêveur de Hurtebise-HDC - a promising sign for the future.

The bronze medalist in the London Olympics, Cian O'Connor, ended up third with his Olympic partner Blue Loyd.

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