‘Naked and Afraid’ Contestant Suffers Messy Machete Mishap

On Naked and Afraid: The Ultimate Fan Challenge, 25-year old contestant Jonathan, a self-proclaimed “superfan” of the hit TV show, suffered a messy machete mishap only two days into the challenge.

After Jonathan and his partner, Gabrielle, survived the first night in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, Jonathan told the cameras, “As a fan of Naked and Afraid, and watching the past episodes, it definitely didn’t prepare me for what to expect. This is life-threatening.”

Jonathan was referring to the dangerous wildlife, like baboons and leopards, that surrounded their campsite throughout the night. So the two went on a search for more firewood, since Gabrielle believed that their campfire was the only thing protecting them from the predators. However, while chopping a tree with a serious machete, Jonathan accidentally chopped two of his fingers.

Jungle 911

With blood everywhere, medics immediately rushed to the scene to check his wound and see if he would be able to continue the challenge. Unfortunately, the medic advised Jonathan to go to a hospital, but he wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

Everything seemed fine, until he was definitely not fine. Jonathan began writhing on the ground (naked and afraid) while repeatedly saying that he felt like he was “dying.” The medic returned, saying, “There’s no medical reason for me to say he cannot continue. It’s just a matter of him being psychologically strengthened, and that he has to do by himself.”

Sadly, he wasn’t psychologically strong enough to handle Africa.

Naked and Afraid airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Discovery

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