NAMM 2024: Wurlitzer confirms that a new version of its iconic electric piano is on the way

 New Wurlitzer electric piano.
New Wurlitzer electric piano.

NAMM 2024: We’ve already had the next-generation Rhodes Mk8 electric piano, and now the owners of the Wurlitzer brand have confirmed that they have a new model on the way, too.

The Wurlitzer, of course, was the ‘other’ great electric piano, offering slightly more bite and snarl than the Rhodes, particularly when played hard. The first model, part of the 100 series, was released in 1954, and the last the 200A, went out of production in 1983. Here's Anthony Marinelli's guide to what makes each model different.

Since then, we’ve had countless Wurlitzer-emulating plugins, and the sound is a staple in every stage, home and workstation keyboard, too. For real electric piano aficionados, though, the prospect of a ‘proper’ new Wurly will be a big deal.

Sadly, we can’t tell you a great deal more at this stage, as all we have to go on is a holding image on the Wurlitzer Pianos website that indicates that a new piano is “coming soon”. The silhouette of said instrument suggests that the this will adopt the vintage styling of its forebears.

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One thing we’re particularly keen to find out is if the Wurlitzer name is still under the ownership of Baldwin Pianos, which in turn is owned by Gibson. Could it be that, almost 60 years after Fender sold Rhodes to CBS and stopped manufacturing electric pianos, its great rival could be about to pick up the mantle, or has responsibility for the Wurlitzer brand now passed to someone else?