Nancy Drew - First look at the final season

kennedy mcmann as nancy drew
Nancy Drew releases trailer for its final seasonThe CW

Nancy Drew's fourth and final season is just around the corner, and The CW has just dropped a trailer to get fans excited for the return of the teenage detective and her gang of sleuths.

The trailer shows us that season four is upping the ante, as the dead have seemingly risen from their graves. Not only are there ghosts to contend with but also demons and spiders — super big spiders.

The show's official final synopsis reads: "Season 4 begins as Nancy (Kennedy McMann) launches a new investigation to find a group of missing bodies from Horseshoe Bay's cemetery that have been dug up and stolen — or have possibly risen.

kennedy mcmann as nancy drew
The CW

"As Nancy is drawn into this ghostly case, a string of unexplained paranormal crimes leads the Drew Crew to believe that the literal sins of the town's past have returned to haunt the living.

"Meanwhile, Nancy struggles with yearning for Ace (Alex Saxon), the man she loves. But when a slow-burning attraction begins between Nancy and the son of Ryan Hudson's newest enemy, Nancy must decide whether this love interest is worth the ire of both her father and Ace — whose own heart may be tempted by a new relationship too."

The synopsis also teases that our titular protagonist may "do the unthinkable" and that saving the day this final time "could cost her everything, and everyone".

It certainly sounds ominous, but could the show really end in the most heartbreaking way possible?

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The CW

When the show was announced to be coming to an end, lead actor Kennedy McMann said: "What a privilege to walk in her shoes for as long as I have, to be inspired by her and to grow with her.

"I wish our incredible fans could feel the heart and passion of our crew that has been ever-present on and off screen, day in and day out since the very beginning. You are every bit a part of this incredible show as we are."

There was an attempt to grow the series into a franchise with the spin-off Tom Swift, but it was swiftly (ahem) cancelled after airing just five episodes.

Nancy Drew airs on The CW in the US. It does not have a UK broadcaster.

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