Nations League draw LIVE! England vs Germany and Italy - Fixtures, pots and seedings

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European teams will discover their fates for the 2022 Nations League this afternoon.

UEFA may have botched the Champions League draw earlier this week but it is a case of full-steam ahead to pack the international calendar next summer even further, months before the 2022 World Cup.

The tournament may still be in its infancy but the final between France and Spain in October was a glamorous affair and, slowly but surely, the prestige is rising.

Indeed, international tournaments are still a rarity even in the age of non-stop football and the more that big powerhouses of the continental game add it to their honours’ lists, the more coveted it will be as a prize.

France followed Portugal as winners and, ahead of the World Cup next year, the tournament offers a real chance to make a statement as well as some precious time together to build-up relationships heading into Qatar.

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Everything you need to know

  • Time: 5pm GMT

  • How to watch: UEFA’S YouTube channel

  • How does the draw work?

  • What are the pots and seedings?

  • England WILL face a powerhouse

  • Fixture dates

  • League D

  • League C: Northern Ireland

  • League B: Scotland and Republic of Ireland

  • League A: England vs Germany, Italy and Hungary

Full report

18:10 , Jonathan Gorrie

You can read our full report here.

A chance for revenge?

18:04 , Jonathan Gorrie

England’s clash with Germany is always likely to be one to look out for but, having disposed of them with relative ease at Euro 2020, perhaps the Italy game will be more interesting.

Beating the Azzurri could help overcome a big mental hurdle.

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17:57 , Jonathan Gorrie

17:55 , Jonathan Gorrie

17:55 , Jonathan Gorrie

17:53 , Jonathan Gorrie

17:53 , Jonathan Gorrie

England in a potential group of death

17:49 , Jonathan Gorrie

Italy, Germany and Hungary comprise what looks like a very difficult group.

League A

17:47 , Jonathan Gorrie

Group 1: Austria, Croatia, Denmark, France,

Group 2: Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain

Group 3: Hungary, England, Germany, Italy,

Group 4: Wales, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium

League A

17:42 , Jonathan Gorrie

Here we go!

Scotland vs Republic of Ireland

17:41 , Jonathan Gorrie

Two familiar foes will battle against Armenia and Ukraine in League B Group 1.

League B

17:39 , Jonathan Gorrie

Group 1: Armenia, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Ukraine

Group 2: Albania, Israel, Russia, Iceland

Group 3: Montenegro, Romania, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Group 4: Slovenia, Serbia, Norway, Sweden

League B up next

17:32 , Jonathan Gorrie

Some bigger names get ready to learn their fates.

Leagues D and C completed

17:31 , Jonathan Gorrie

Oddly, we’re racing through a UEFA draw!

League C

17:31 , Jonathan Gorrie

Group 1: Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Turkey

Group 2: Cyprus/Estonia, Kosovo, Greece, Northern Ireland

Group 3: Kazakhstan/Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Slovakia,

Group 4: Gilbraltar, Georgia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria

League D

17:23 , Jonathan Gorrie

Group 1: Lichetensen, Latvia, Kazakstan or Moldova, Andorra

Group 2: San Marino, Cyprus or Estonia, Malta

Here we go!

17:20 , Jonathan Gorrie

Starting with League D, the draw is about to get underway.

Rules explained

17:19 , Jonathan Gorrie

The rules are now being explained in a very primary school presentation fashion.

Rubbish formation joke

17:16 , Jonathan Gorrie

The host has just suggested UEFA’s vice president will play up front in the drawing formation.

It’s all so UEFA, isn’t it?

Pires picks Zidane

17:14 , Jonathan Gorrie

Asked to pick between Zinedine Zidane or Kylian Mbappe, Pires picks Zidane.

Thrilling stuff!

Robert Pires and Gaizka Mendieta enter the stage

17:12 , Jonathan Gorrie

In true UEFA fashion, two polished former pros take the stage to discuss just what a good job the governing body are doing.

Yet more montages

17:10 , Jonathan Gorrie

Never one to rush things, UEFA are now playing a montage of last year’s tournament. In full.

Juan Mata awarded

17:06 , Jonathan Gorrie

The Man United star is awarded an honour for his work through Common Goal.

Well deserved...

Lots of nonsense

16:55 , Jonathan Gorrie

As ever with these kind of draws, UEFA like to drag things out.

Strange montage with the kind of music you’d hear in a lift dominates the screen so far.

16:46 , Jonathan Gorrie

Last time out for England

16:34 , Jonathan Gorrie

It seems a long time ago now but England actually finished third in their group last time with both Belgium and Denmark occupying the top two spots.

16:24 , Jonathan Gorrie

When are the fixtures?

16:22 , Jonathan Gorrie

Matchdays 1 and 2: 2–8 June 2022

Matchdays 3 and 4: 8–14 June 2022

Matchdays 5 and 6: 22–27 September 2022

Semi-finals: June 14 and 15 2023

Who could England face?

16:19 , Jonathan Gorrie

England will end up in a group with France, Spain, Italy or Belgium from, and Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark or Germany, and Wales, Austria, Czech Republic or Hungary.

16:13 , Jonathan Gorrie

League A

Pot 1: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium

Pot 2: Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany

Pot 3: England, Poland, Switzerland, Croatia

Pot 4: Wales, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary

League B

Pot 1: Ukraine, Sweden, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iceland

Pot 2: Finland, Norway, Scotland, Russia

Pot 3: Israel, Romania, Serbia, Republic of Ireland

Pot 4: Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, Armenia

League C

Pot 1: Turkey, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Northern Ireland

Pot 2: Greece, Belarus, Luxembourg, North Macedonia

Pot 3: Lithuania, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo

Pot 4: Gibraltar, Faroe Islands, tbc, tbc*

League D

Pot 1: Liechtenstein, Malta, tbc, tbc*

Pot 2: Latvia, San Marino, Andorra

*Kazakhstan play Moldova and Cyprus play Estonia in March 2022 play-offs. The winners will be in League C and the losers in League D.

How does the draw work?

16:08 , Jonathan Gorrie

There are 55 teams split into four leagues, with 16 teams in Leagues A, B and C and seven in League D.

Teams are sorted into four pots (two for League D), with all of these places determined by the Uefa National-Team Coefficient Rankings.

Each team will play four group games. The four group winners from League A (the top division) will play in the finals.

The teams who win each group in the lower three divisions win promotion, with most of the teams who finish bottom getting relegated.

How to watch

16:04 , Jonathan Gorrie

UEFA will be showing the draw live on their official website and YouTube channel.


15:59 , Jonathan Gorrie

Welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of the UEFA Nations League draw.

The draw will begin at 5pm GMT.

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