NBA - 'New LeBron' Wiggins to play basketball at Kansas

The most hyped basketball prospect since LeBron James has confirmed that he will play college hoops with the University of Kansas.

NBA - 'New LeBron' Wiggins to play basketball at Kansas

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Andrew Wiggins

Canadian Andrew Wiggins has had his pick of American colleges who all wanted him to play for them despite the fact that he is only likely to play for one season before moving to the NBA.

James was picked first in the NBA draft 10 years ago when he went straight out of high school to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers – he has gone on to win four MVP titles – including one this season for the Miami Heat.

Under new rules implemented since James was drafted, players must wait one year after high school before they can declare for the NBA – a rule brought in to encourage players to play in college.

Wiggins is from Toronto but moved to Huntington Prep School in West Virginia to help advance his basketball prospects.

According to Wiggins is: "A true phenom of an athlete."

"Wiggins is as electric and jaw dropping a finisher in transition or traffic as the high school game has seen in some time. His spin move is beyond quick, and he is unstoppable with it whether he is going to his right or left.

"While his ability to finish way above the rim in traffic has caused fans to drool, Wiggins quietly has made tremendous strides as a jump shooter and a ball handler while developing into perhaps the top defender in high school basketball. Perhaps most scary, though, is that he is just scratching the surface of his ultimate potential and he has plenty of physical maturing to do."

Wiggins is the son of former NBA player Mitchell Wiggins and track and field runner Marita Payne.

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