NCAA Tournament: Yahoo bracket managed to go 0-16 on opening day

Sporting News

Everyone dreams of getting a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket. After all, most of the time money is involved, but beyond thatit feels good to brag to other people that you called every upset and got the games right.

Having alosingbracket, however, doesn't feel as good. But having a perfectlosing bracket is actually an impressive feat. And that's exactly what one bracket on Yahoo hadafter the first day of March Madness games.

The bracket, known simply as "Bracket McBracketface", went 0-16 on Thursday. Sure, some of the games are easy to purposely get wrong — like a No. 16 over a No. 1 — but those are just as easy when trying to get it right.

It's easier to get thewholebracket wrong rather than the whole bracket right, but getting the entire first round wrong is just as difficult as getting it right. You have to see the upsets coming, and then do the opposite of that.

We'll see if Bracket McBracketface has what it takes to get every game wrong again when games tipoff Friday.

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