Neighbours' new season - where are all of the missing characters?

Neighbours spoilers follow.

Neighbours has now aired four episodes of its new season, reintroducing some much-loved characters and bringing in some new faces too. But what about the characters who are missing?

With the shock wedding twist dominating attention and a two-year time jump to contend with, you may have missed some off-hand explanations over the characters who are no longer living in Erinsborough.

Here's a guide to the 2022 regulars who are currently absent – and the chances of seeing them back for a shock return.

Melanie Pearson

lucinda cowden as melanie pearson in neighbours
Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Melanie appeared in one scene during the season premiere, but the show messed with our minds in episode two by revealing that this was a flashback as Toadie was reflecting on a memory of their time together.

In the 2022 finale episode of Neighbours, Melanie was over the moon after tying the knot with Toadie, but it seems that their marriage turned sour a year later. After a rough patch, Melanie departed Ramsay Street and left a note behind, claiming that she wasn't cut out to be a stepmum to Nell and Hugo.

Lucinda Cowden, who plays Melanie, previously confirmed that she'd be a regular cast member in the new season of Neighbours, so we'll definitely see her back in Erinsborough in future episodes. Phew.

When fans on social media expressed confusion over Melanie's scene this week, Lucinda reiterated her earlier revelations by promising: "It takes a while but she will return."

Nicolette Stone

nicolette stone in neighbours
Fremantle - Channel 5

Nicolette's absence was explained in the season premiere, as her mum Jane became reflective in a chat with Byron. Jane expressed how happy she was to have Byron back in her life, especially as Nicolette had left the Street with Isla.

Charlotte Chimes, who plays Nicolette, previously ruled herself out of the Neighbours revival. However, during a livestream with fans on social media, she let slip details of a return by revealing that producers were recasting Nicolette.

Aaron Brennan and David Tanaka

aaron brennan and david tanaka with isla in neighbours
Fremantle Media Australia

Aaron and David were referenced in the same conversation between Jane and Byron. Jane indicated that they'd left the Street sometime after Nicolette had.

Jane said: "When Nicolette and Isla moved away, and then Aaron and David too, it was such a loss."

Meanwhile, Paul later revealed that his decision to leave Terese standing at the altar had sparked a rift with David and Aaron.

He mused: "I will always regret the way that I behaved this time last year. And I'm sad that it cost me the support of Aaron and David as well. But I'm not cut out for marriage and it's good to finally be honest about that."

Matt Wilson, who plays Aaron, was recently spotted on a 10 News First report that went behind the scenes at the revival of Neighbours.

Rumours have also been rife over a potential comeback for David, so it seems that we haven't seen the last of him either.

Chloe Brennan

chloe brennan and elly conway in neighbours
FremantleMedia Australia

While most Ramsay Street residents abandoned plans to leave the Street in last year's finale, Chloe appeared likely to depart for a new life in Sydney with her partner Elly.

The good news is that Chloe and Elly will both be returning to Ramsay Street in a few weeks' time. April Rose Pengilly and Jodi Gordon have already filmed their comeback stints as guests.

Kiri Durant and Glen Donnelly

kiri durant and glen donnelly in neighbours
Fremantle Media Australia

At the end of last year's season, Glen was at a crossroads after splitting from Terese, while Kiri had agreed to stay in town with her then-girlfriend Nicolette.

Glen and Kiri were both mentioned in the second episode this week, as they'd sent well wishes to Toadie and Terese on their wedding day. The father-daughter duo were revealed to be on Magnetic Island, off the coast of Queensland.

There was no explicit mention of Kiri and Nicolette's relationship, but reading between the lines, it appears that the pair may have broken up.

So far, there have been no indications that Glen and Kiri will be appearing in the new season.

Amy Greenwood and Zara Selwyn

zara selwyn and amy greenwood in neighbours
Fremantle Media Australia

Amy and Zara were both close to Toadie in the final months of Neighbours, but seemingly left Ramsay Street somewhere during the two-year time jump.

Both characters were mentioned in episode three, as they'd sent their own well wishes to Toadie for his wedding to Terese. There was no reference to the outcome of Amy's baby plans – the main unresolved mystery from last year's finale.

Freya Van Dyke, who played Zara, confirmed earlier this year that she wouldn't be part of the new Neighbours season.

She told her Instagram followers in March: "I know a lot of you have been asking: 'Is Zara coming back to Neighbours? Are you going back to Neighbours?' First of all, thank you so much. It's insane to me that you all are so supportive and you want to see Zara back.

"At this stage, no, Zara is not going back. It's nothing to do with anything beyond what storylines they've decided to go with.

"I am so, so happy for all of the cast who are going back. It's going to be absolutely incredible and there are going to be some incredible storylines. I can't wait for you guys to see it."

Jacinta Stapleton, who played Amy, is not part of the revival cast either and there has been no word over whether we'll see her again.

Levi Canning and Freya Wozniak

levi canning and freya wozniak in neighbours
Fremantle Media Australia

Levi and Freya were loved-up in the finale last year after a dramatic few months for their relationship, but as with the other characters on our list, they left Ramsay Street during the time jump.

Fans can expect a small mention of the pair next week, showing that they're still out there somewhere.

Judging by his Instagram, Richie Morris – who played Levi – has been travelling this year. He appeared in Channel 5 drama Heat this year, produced by the Neighbours team, so perhaps the bosses will be able to tempt him back in the future.

Phoebe Roberts, who played Freya, showed her support for the soap by attending the big launch of the Neighbours Experience in London this week, but there has been no word on whether we'll see her again.

Clive Gibbons

clive gibbons and jane harris in neighbours
Fremantle Media Australia

Clive revealed plans to visit Los Angeles in last year's finale episode, having received a surprise call from his ex-partner Sheila.

Shortly after the finale aired, Neighbours' executive producer Jason Herbison told Digital Spy: "There was more dialogue in Clive's final scene that we had to cut for time. He explained to Mike and Jane that he was going to see Sheila in LA. Not to reconcile, but to try to understand his previous relationships better.

"Just as Jane had been re-evaluating her past, he was off on a voyage of discovery to do the same thing."

Geoff Paine, who played Clive, is another former cast member who isn't thought to be returning at this stage.

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