After Netflix’s Beef Crushed At The Emmys, The EP Provided Thoughts On Potential Season 2, And I Have Mixed Feelings

 Ali Wong and Steven Yeun on Beef.
Ali Wong and Steven Yeun on Beef.

There were a lot of winners at the 75th Primetime Emmys, yet few were able to match the success of Beef. The Netflix series was nominated in seven categories and ultimately won five, including the award for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series. Even before the dramedy dominated on that front, many have been wondering whether it could return for another season. As of right now, there’s been no official word on whether more episodes might be made. Series creator and EP Lee Sung Jin did share somewhat optimistic thoughts on the prospect after his award wins. However, as much as I enjoyed the show, I have mixed feelings.

What Did Lee Sung Jin Say About The Possibility Of Beef Season 2?

The writer, director and producer – who also goes by the name Sonny Lee – was riding high after he and his colleagues’ earned some of the biggest honors at the Emmys. Later in the night, he spoke to reporters backstage and answered a number of questions. Someone inevitably asked about the chances of another season. Though it seems nothing it set in stone as of right now, it sounds like Lee doesn’t believe it’s out of the realm of possibility:

I feel like there are so many paths. It could stay limited — it was a very close-ended story for sure. But if Netflix wanted to continue, it could also be anthology. It could be many things. It’s up to the great algorithm. We’re all waiting to hear.

The comments that the Silicon Valley alum shared with the press, including Variety, should provide hope to at least some of the various viewers who enjoyed the show. In all honesty, it would make sense for Netflix to produce an additional season. Beef was critically acclaimed and ultimately became a heavily trending offering on the streaming platform. As someone who tuned in, I can attest to the show’s greatness. However, it’s that level of quality that has me questioning whether the series should go on.

Why Am I Mixed About The Possibility Of A Second Season?

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amy and danny during and after their road rage incident

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Please don’t misunderstand me. A part of me would relish even more episodes of the thought-provoking Beef, which centers on two unhappy people who start up a rivalry after a road rage incident. If the show went down the anthology route, I’m sure Lee Sung Jin and his collaborators could come up with a compelling story – one that exudes the comedy of tragedy of Season 1. Lin even previously discussed Season 2 plans he had in mind for the dark comedy’s potential future.  And, while it might be difficult, Jin and co. may also be able to tap a cast that’s as good as the ensemble they had. (Even though it may be hard to top the work of lead actors Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, who both won Emmys for their work.)

With all that said, the show is just so wonderful as is. The writing and directing are top-notch, while the performances are all amazing. This may not be a perfect production, but it’s very close to hitting that mark. The ending of Beef also serves as an excellent capper not just to this particular story but the series as a whole. So you can see the internal dilemma I’m facing right now.

I’m incredibly curious to see whether Lee Sung Jin gets the greenlight for a second season at Netflix. If that does end up happening, I’ll definitely throw my support to him and hope that he and his team manage to produce another excellent piece of television. Yet, simultaneously, I would also continue to consider whether the show would’ve simply worked better as a one-off. This is all hypothetical at the moment, so we’ll just have to wait and see how everything works out.

For now, you can stream all episodes of Beef using a Netflix subscription, and look ahead to new shows that are on the way using the 2024 TV schedule.