Netflix Reveals an Action and Humor-Packed Teaser for ‘City Hunter’


Netflix has unveiled the first official video teaser for City Hunter’s live-action film. Greenlit for production back in late 2022, the new City Hunter film is based on Tsukasa Hojo’s legendary manga — an incredibly popular and iconic piece of media that has received numerous adaptions for the past three decades. While the events of the source material take place from the mid-’80s to early ‘90s, the new adaptation brings the characters to a modern setting, while still retaining much of the original’s charms.

From the teaser alone, many iconic elements and scenes have been recreated and will instantly speak to longtime fans of City Hunter. From Ryo’s red Mini Cooper to spotting an “XYZ” message on the Shinjuku Station blackboard. Midway through the video, a brief ear of City Hunter’s ‘90s anime ending theme song was teased. Netflix has confirmed that this is a new version of the track, entitled “Get Wild Continual” and is produced and performed by TM NETWORK as well, just like the original.

Just like the original, the live-action film follows the thrilling and goofy adventures of Tokyo-based gun-for-hire, Ryo Saeba (played by Ryohei Suzuki). Based on the teaser trailer, the film will follow the early events of the source material, hinting at the story behind Ryo’s partnership with Kaori Makimura (Misato Morita).

Watch the official teaser video above. The City Hunter live-action film is set to premiere worldwide on Netflix on April 25, 2024.