'Beef' Season 2 Is Eyeing Charles Melton, Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Cailee Spaeny

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Charles Melton in the Running for 'Beef' Season 2Kevin Winter - Getty Images

Minor spoilers below.

Hungry for more Beef? You just might be in luck. The series starring Ali Wong and Steven Yuen premiered on Netflix last spring, but creator and showrunner Lee Sung Jin has a vision for the show to continue—just not in the way you’d expect.

In its 10-episode first season, the dark comedy follows Amy Lau (Wong), a successful entrepreneur, and Danny Cho (Yuen), a contractor, after they face off in a tense road rage incident. In the aftermath of the confrontation, their anger continues to consume them both, taking over of their lives, families, and businesses in the process.

During the 2024 award show season so far, Beef has won an astounding five Emmys, three Golden Globes, and three Critics Choice Awards.

Here’s what we know of where Beef could go next.

Will there be a season 2 of Beef?

At the time of writing, Netflix has not yet announced a renewal. However, Lee originally planned for the series to be an anthology. Unfortunately, that would mean saying goodbye to Yeun and Wong’s Danny and Amy, but who knows—plans could always change.

“Cards on the table, we did pitch this show as a limited anthology, so there is sort of a close-ended-ness to the story [of Danny and Amy],” Lee told in 2023. “But, if given the opportunity, of course, I’d love to explore them further, because Danny and Amy, I love those characters. But yeah, by design, though, this a close-ended narrative.”

At the Golden Globe Awards on January 7, Jin spoke further with Deadline about a potential season 2.

“We always pitched the season to buyers as an anthology series. There was always going to be new characters,” he said. “Whether it stays limited or turns as an anthology or we continue existing, that’s really up to Netflix. But whatever they decide, I’m definitely ready.”

What would season 2 be about?

Lee previously told that in his initial pitch for the show, there were “multiple other beefs and other character types to explore.”

Deadline reported on February 26 that a potential season 2 premise is already taking shape, focusing on “two feuding couples.” Charles Melton and Cailee Spaeny are being eyed for one pair, while Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are reportedly being considered for the other. According to Deadline, “Admittedly, this is early, and no deals are in place, but we understand a limited season’s worth of scripts were just turned in or are about to be, and that Netflix and A24 are ready to get the second season into production by late summer or fall.”

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Beef creator Lee Sung Jin with Charles Melton at the AFI Awards Luncheon in January 2024.Frazer Harrison - Getty Images

Could the show run for even more seasons?

Lee also told Rolling Stone that he has ideas cooking for up to a potential third season. Although Danny and Amy’s narrative is complete, “there are a lot of ideas on my end” for it to keep going, he explained. “I think should we be blessed with a season 2, there’s a lot of ways for Danny and Amy to continue. I have one really big general idea that I can’t really say yet, but I have three seasons mapped out in my head currently.”

On the Emmys red carpet in January 2024, Lee told Variety, “I feel like there are so many paths. It could stay limited—it was a very close-ended story for sure. But if Netflix wanted to continue, it could also be anthology.”

“It could be many things. It’s up to the great algorithm. We’re all waiting to hear,” he added.

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