Netflix’s new true crime documentary is leaving viewers in a "complete state of shock"

 American Nightmare.
American Nightmare.

New Netflix true crime documentary American Nightmare is leaving viewers hooked and horrified in equal measure.

The three-part series follows the real-life story of Diane Huskins, a woman who was kidnapped after a home invasion in 2015. Diane is later returned after 48 hours – with her story called into question by the police and the media storm surrounding the event inviting comparisons to Gone Girl. What follows is a harrowing, scarcely believable saga about trust, police actions, and injustice.

For many, it’s made their stomach turn – and shone a much-needed light on Diane’s story.

"I just finished watching American Nightmare on Netflix and…. Yall… WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!!" one wrote on Twitter. Another said they were in a "complete state of shock."

Others, inevitably, felt strong emotions after sitting down to watch the Netflix documentary. As one put it, "The anger that came over me watching this Netflix American Nightmare documentary…"

Another viewer remarked, "American Nightmare on Netflix is absolutely wild. Same producers who made Tinder Swindler, but even better. Just 3 episodes too," while one described it as "horrifying."

"Watching American Nightmare on #Netflix and when I tell you I sat here repeating 'OMG' am in awe of that botched police job. Omg. My heart breaks for her," a viewer wrote.

American Nightmare is now streaming on Netflix.

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