NFL stars and their Star Wars counterparts

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  • NFL stars and their Star Wars counterparts

    What if we could recast the "original six" Star Wars movies with NFL personalities, recent past and present? Then may the force be with us.

    Just in time for May the Fourth, here is who we'd love to see in future re-cut special editions. Some were just "all too easy."

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  • 1 Bill Belichick — Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious

    The often-hoodied leader of an Evil Empire? Check. Deceptive and one step ahead of everyone else? Check. Ruthless and wanting to win at all costs? Check.

  • 2 Tom Brady — Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

    You were expecting somebody else for the ultimate Sith apprentice? Brady still has Anakin’s youthful passion for the game, and when he puts on the helmet, he’s still the baddest old dude around.

  • 3 Russell Wilson — Yoda

    A little guy who wears a little green and flies around with Jedi body tricks. Most Yoda-like, Wilson is.

  • 4 Odell Beckham Jr. — Obi-Wan Kenobi

    In everything OBJ-Wan does, he seems to have mastered the force and will be doing it for a long time. What an elegant weapon.

  • 5 Aaron Rodgers — Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight

    Our hero. Now that his training is complete, the force is strongest with him. We can only match the best Jedi with the best quarterback in the game.

  • 6 Marcus Mariota — Luke Skywalker, Padawan

    The passing, the running, and even the receiving all are signs of future greatness. To be an even better Mariota, let’s have new hope the Titans match him with the right Yoda.

  • 7 Rob Gronkowski — Chewbacca

    Gronk is also a big, powerful bellowing beast. If only he could be the party animal that Chewy totally is.

  • 8 J.J. Watt — Han Solo

    Who doesn't like Justin James? He is everybody's favorite scruffy-looking pass rusher, always ready to go Solo. And oh yeah, Watt shot first.

  • 9 Ndamukong Suh — Darth Maul

    Suh is scary and intimidating in many ways, but he ends up being more bark than bite when you see how he can be cut down to size.

  • 10 Cam Newton — Lando Calrissian, The Return of the Jedi version

    Once doubted by everyone, it took him ascending to General, blowing up the second Death Star and leading an undefeated team to get the respect he deserves.

  • 11 Jameis Winston — Lando Calrissian, The Empire Strikes Back version

    He looks the part of somebody who will help you out, smooth on the field in his first year in the league. But there’s still something about him you don’t trust quite yet.

  • 12 Richard Sherman — Boba Fett

    Sherman rockets into shutdown coverage with his blue-green garb, a relentless hunter of his prey with a gift of gab.

  • 13 Calvin Johnson — Stormtrooper

    They should have attacked with clones of this guy. Megatron is pretty much a big blaster, anyway.

  • 14 Rex Ryan — Jabba the Hutt

    Ryan has shrunk a bit, but you can never take the Hutt out of him. Those mind tricks won’t work on him, unless it’s The Emperor.

  • 15 Antonio Brown — Mace Windu

    We want our Jedis to have some style with their substance. Flashy and wise, and not afraid of going after goal posts and Sith alike.

  • 16 Peyton Manning — Qui-Gon Jinn

    He might be getting a little old for the Jedi game, but his heart and mind tell him not to stay away from one more chance to save the day.

  • 17 Eli Manning — C-3P0

    You can never tell if the Empire or Rebels are winning with Eli face. Sometimes he’s an annoying, immobile QB, but other times he’s a golden god exalted by everybody.

  • 18 Tyrann Mathieu — R2-D2

    Just a versatile little valuable guy who seems to everywhere, wherever you need him. It’s also hard to imagine the droid form of the Honey Badger being anything else.

  • 19 Darren Sproles — Wicket W. Warrick

    Every team wants its cute, cuddly, spry undersized back who’s underrated as a true game-changer. Why Ewok, when you can run?

  • 20 Random NFL official — Jar Jar Binks

    Meesa sure that was a catch. Meesa sure that was a penalty. Meesa really don’t know. Does anybody like this character?

  • 21 Roger Goodell — Grand Moff Tarkin

    He has a fancy title but wields questionable power. He didn’t create the Empire but acts like he owns the game. And scene.

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