Nicholas Winton's Son Says Anthony Hopkins Is 'Just Uncanny' as His Father in “One Life ”(Exclusive)

"When I look at him on screen, I swear I'm looking at my father," Nick Winton says of Anthony Hopkins' portrayal of the late British humanitarian

<p>Matej Divizna/Getty; Bleecker Street</p> Nicholas Winton; Anthony Hopkins in

Matej Divizna/Getty; Bleecker Street

Nicholas Winton; Anthony Hopkins in 'One Life'

Anthony Hopkins plays the real-life humanitarian Sir Nicholas Winton in his new movie — and Winton's son cannot believe how accurately his father is portrayed.

Hopkins, 86, stars as Winton — an British man who assisted in efforts to rescue hundreds of children from Nazi-occupied areas in what is now the Czech Republic in the months prior to World War II's outbreak in 1939 — in One Life. The new biopic chronicles the real-life man's actions prior to the war and the public recognition he received for his efforts in 1988 on the British talk show That's Life.

Known as "Nicky" to his friends, family and the filmmakers behind the movie, Winton, who died in 2015 at age 106, chose not to publicize his efforts in the "Kindertransport" — as the British humanitarian effort is known — for decades after World War II ended.

"When I look at him on screen, I swear I'm looking at my father," Nick Winton — one of Nicky's three children — tells PEOPLE of Hopkins' performance. "Not just the face and the way he's made up and his clothes, but the mannerisms, the way he does small things, little things, playing with his glasses, the way he walks is just uncanny." 

"So to have an actor of that caliber, he has become my father," Nick adds. "I mean, it's very uncomfortable at times to watch because I swear that, how did [director James Hawes] get my father? He's been dead for years."

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<p>Bleecker Street</p> Anthony Hopkins as Nicholas Winton in 'One Life'

Bleecker Street

Anthony Hopkins as Nicholas Winton in 'One Life'

Eva Paddock, a woman who was just 3 years old when Nicky helped arrange her passage from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia as a refugee in 1939, also recognizes the real-life man behind Hopkins' performance. She came to meet Nicky, as did many of the children brought to the United Kingdom as refugees, many times after his efforts were memorably highlighted on That's Life.

"I look at the film and I sometimes have to blink and it's just quite remarkable," Paddock, now 89, tells PEOPLE during an interview with Nick and Hawes.

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In One Life, Hopkins plays Nicky as an older man in the 1980s, reflecting on his efforts and determining what to do with documentation of the Kindertransport. Johnny Flynn (Emma, The Outfit) portrays Nicky as a younger man in 1939 and Helena Bonham Carter costars as Nicky's mother, Babi. Additionally, Alex Sharp, Ziggy Heath and Romola Garai portray Trevor Chadwick, Martin Blake and Doreen Warriner, respectively, each of whom were essential in coordinating refugee efforts out of occupied areas with Winton.

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<p>Matej Divizna/Getty</p> Nicholas Winton in 2014

Matej Divizna/Getty

Nicholas Winton in 2014

When asked how his father felt about eventually coming to receive such public recognition for his humanitarian efforts — Nicky was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2003 as a result — Nick tells PEOPLE that Nicky "found mostly that it was rather embarrassing."

"He wasn't really comfortable being put in the spotlight, as in England [he was] called the British Schindler or a hero," his son says. "He believed, and I think quite rightly, that he never did anything that was heroic in the sense that he said I was never in danger."

"But I think most people recognize that the project itself was quite a heroic project. So he was very ambivalent about all the honors he received," Nick adds. "And as he didn't mix in the circles where people dress and military uniform and medals, he said, 'What do I do with them? I put them on my pajamas and I wear them for a night and then I put them in a drawer and forget about them.' "

One Life is now in theaters.

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