Nick Kyrgios is looking to get the jump on the ATP Tour in Saudi Arabia

Nick Kyrgios pleased Credit: Alamy
Nick Kyrgios pleased Credit: Alamy

Nick Kyrgios is keen to use an invitation to the Diriyah Tennis Cup in Saudi Arabia to get the jump on the competition for the 2023 season.

The 2022 season is officially in the bag and 2023’s term doesn’t get underway until the first matches of the United Cup on 29 December.

However, there are a number of exhibition events going down in December including the star-studded Diriyah Tennis Cup in Saudi Arabia.

Kyrgios explained why he was so keen to visit Saudi Arabia.

“I’m very curious to just, you know, go to a new place I’ve never been before and I’m going with my girlfriend so we’re very excited to see what it’s about,” Kyrgios said in a video for the event’s Youtube channel.

“I’ve got a very close family friend that lives there and he only speaks you know highly about Saudi. So, you know, I’m super excited to get there.

“When I saw this opportunity to play, I didn’t even have to think twice, you know, I really wanted to go, go to Saudi Arabia and play.

“I’m always looking forward to playing these sort of events. You know, I think it’s very important for the fans to be involved.

“Me personally, I love going to places where they don’t know so much about tennis and going there and trying to draw some attention and get them to enjoy it.

“I think that’s important. You know, when I go, when I retire from tennis, I want to know that I left a mark and made many new fans.”

Kyrgios sees match practice in this tournament as a huge bonus ahead of what he hopes will be a big season in 2023.

“It’s a bonus for me to be able to play these matches and feel that match pressure still throughout my training block is going to be crucial for me, and I’d love to use it and use that to get a bit of a head start on everyone else that’s not able to play these matches.”

Kyrgios said that his 2022 season has changed his outlook on the game as much as it has also altered the perception of him as a player.

“I think before the season started, I was having a conversation with myself that I wanted to kind of reinvent myself on the tour. I feel like the last couple of years obviously we COVID and everything that was going on, I really felt like I kind of lost my identity a little bit on the tennis circuit and this year, you know, I kind of reminded everyone that I’m still one of the best players in the world and was able to do that on the big stage, obviously, Wimbledon, the US Open and also won a title so I guess I kind of had a little moment with myself.”

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