No action on de la Rosa/Grosjean clash


Romain Grosjean and Pedro de la Rosa have escaped any sanction for their coming together during qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

De la Rosa moved across on Grosjean on the run up to the start-finish straight after his Lotus rival attempted to dive down the inside of the slower HRT near the entry to the pits.

The incident damaged Grosjean's front wing and culminated in him failing to make it out of Q1.

The stewards called both drivers to see them after qualifying to see if either had been at fault, but in the end decided that it was simply a misunderstanding.

A statement issued by the stewards said: "The driver of car 22 (de la Rosa) felt that he was following his normal line, was aware that car 10 was behind him and was aware of the speed delta.

"The driver of car 10 believed he had been seen by the driver of car 22 and that car 22 was moving aside to the right to allow him through.

"Accordingly the stewards consider this a driving incident due to the nature of the track but have advised the drivers, and the drivers agree, that this could have resulted in a very serious outcome."

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